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Company news about 7680Hz、120Hz? They are all high brushes, and I can't tell them clearly.

7680Hz、120Hz? They are all high brushes, and I can't tell them clearly.


Latest company news about 7680Hz、120Hz? They are all high brushes, and I can't tell them clearly.

7680Hz、120Hz? They are all high brushes, and I can't tell them clearly.


When shopping for different types of displays, you must have seen the term "refresh rate" As we all know, the level of refresh rate directly affects the fluency and smooth experience of screen imaging. But in the face of different refresh rates, different "Hz", do you really understand? LED Direct Display VS LCD and OLED First of all, when faced with the refresh rate parameters of different technology types, have you ever been confused by the two far different values of 120Hz and 7680Hz? Originally, the "refresh rate" reflected by these two data with huge differences is not the standard under the same concept. It's because The display principle of LED direct display is different from that of LCD/OLED display. High brush with LED direct display

So what is the difference between the refresh rate of the LED display and the visual experience?

1. The display screen with low refresh rate will cause flicker or jitter of the image and cause visual fatigue;

2. The lower the refresh rate of the LED display screen is, the easier it is for the camera to capture lines of horizontal black scanning lines in the display screen, that is, to form "scanning lines", which will affect the visual effect.

Referring to the industry standard, the visual refresh rate of LED display is greater than or equal to 3600 Hz, which is the C level of * high level. TBC led's C2 new product can achieve 7680Hz ultra-high refresh rate, which is twice the industry standard. It can not only achieve healthy eye protection, but also eliminate the scanning pattern phenomenon of display screen under camera shooting, making virtual shooting more realistic, more reductive and more immersive. Display screen high brush VS film source frame rate There is also a "Hertz", which is the frame rate definition of the input film source. The current high frame rate sources are 60 Hz and 120 Hz, and the difference is that the display refreshes 60 pictures or 120 pictures in 1 second. The input frame rate of the film source is directly proportional to the smoothness of the video presentation, because the increase of the refresh rate (i.e. frame rate) of the film source is equivalent to providing more display resources per second for the LED screen, so the viewing effect will be smoother. The improvement of the refresh rate of the LED display screen itself is conducive to improving the comfort and shooting effect of the naked eye. When the refresh rate of the input video source and the LED display increases simultaneously, it is difficult for the human eye or even a high-speed camera to perceive the flicker of the picture. Therefore, the high frame rate film source played on the high brush display screen can greatly improve the stability of frame change, get the display effect of 1 + 1 > 2-smoother, more comfortable for human eyes to watch, better shooting effect, bring users the ultimate visual experience like flowing clouds and flowing water, at the same time, it can better adapt to the extremely high requirements of different application scenarios for the display screen. Application prospects of high refresh rate At present, in the field of LED direct display, XR, virtual shooting, immersive experience punch card and so on have gradually become hot market applications, so users have higher and higher requirements for the refresh rate of display screen and film source. In the future, combined with digital and intelligent interactive technology, LED large screen display will incorporate more creative experiences and continue to break through traditional display methods. TBC LED will closely follow the changes of consumption hotspots, adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, growing with partners, and adhering to openness and inclusiveness", devote itself to treating each display module with the attitude of pursuing excellence, and strive to bring more excellent experience of LED large screen to users.

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