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Company news about Application scenario analysis of LED all-in-one machines in the market

Application scenario analysis of LED all-in-one machines in the market


Latest company news about Application scenario analysis of LED all-in-one machines in the market

LED all-in-one machines, as a new category emerging in the LED display industry in recent years, are currently applied in various scenarios such as conferences, education, exhibition displays, and control rooms. According to the Analysis Report on Small Space LED Market in Chinese Mainland released by RUNTO, in 2023, the shipment scale of LED all-in-one machine market in Chinese Mainland will exceed 5000 sets.
From the perspective of application fields, government and enterprise applications have the largest proportion, accounting for 64%; Nearly 26% of business applications are used in conferences, exhibitions, hotel banquets, digital exhibitions, and other areas; Education application has reached 7%; Other applications include medical training and remote control, accounting for 3%.

Government, enterprise, and business: mainly focused on conference and exhibition applications, especially in post installation and mobile scenarios
The application of LED all-in-one machines in the fields of government, enterprise, and business has similarities, mainly focusing on meeting scenes, used in lecture halls, multifunctional halls, hotel banquet halls, media broadcasting halls, and other places. Secondly, it is used for exhibition functions in government affairs, enterprises, conferences and exhibitions, etc.
In fact, there are many optional solutions for conferences and exhibitions in the government, enterprises, and business industries, such as LED all-in-one machines, LED splicing, LCD splicing, ultra large LCD displays, projectors, and so on.

Compared to the above display technologies, LED display products have certain advantages: Firstly, the physical stitching of LCD splicing screens is relatively large, which affects the appearance. The main competitive scenario with LED displays is in the monitoring field. 2、 The large-sized LCD display screen is limited in size, with the current maximum size not exceeding 120 inches, while the LED display screen can be assembled according to the required size. The current competition between the two in conference scenarios is not obvious, and LED displays are mainly used in ultra large and large conference rooms; And large-sized LCD screens are mainly used in small and medium-sized conference rooms. 3、 Although the size of the projector equipment can also be integrated and spliced according to needs, its lifespan is relatively short, and the lifespan of LED displays can reach 100000 hours; Relatively speaking, the competition between projectors and LED displays in conference scenes is more direct and sufficient.
When selecting product solutions, government, enterprises, and the business market place greater emphasis on whether the product functions meet the needs. The application field of LED all-in-one machine products is similar to that of small pitch LED splicing display screens (fixed installation). Due to factors such as being suitable for post installation, easy to move, and easy to install and maintain, more and more users in the government, enterprises, and business markets are choosing LED all-in-one machine products in conference and exhibition scenes.

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