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Company news about Best assists! What changes will GOB technology bring to the development of LED display?

Best assists! What changes will GOB technology bring to the development of LED display?


Latest company news about Best assists! What changes will GOB technology bring to the development of LED display?

With the wider application of LED display screen, people put forward higher requirements for product quality and display effect. In the packaging process, the traditional SMD technology can no longer meet the application requirements of some scenes. Based on this, some manufacturers changed the packaging circuit, chose COB and other technologies, and some manufacturers chose to improve on SMD technology. Among them, GOB technology is an iterative technology after SMD packaging process improvement. Can LED display products achieve wider application with GOB technology? What is the trend of GOB's future market development?
Comes into being with the advantages of traditional SMD and COB
With the constant change of market demand in the LED display industry, the LED display technology has also been continuously extended and deepened. From the initial DIP and SMD, to the COB in recent years, and the current Mini/Micro LED technology have been constantly updated to meet the market demand. In the field of packaging technology, SMD technology has developed relatively mature, while COB, as a rising star, is still in the development stage. In the application, the congenital defects and pain points of SMD and the immaturity of COB technology are also constantly exposed. Especially with the increasingly wide range of applications of LED display screen products with small spacing in the market, its protection level and display effect can not meet the requirements of the existing market for products.
In this context, GOB technology came into being. GOB is the abbreviation of GLUE ON THE BOARD. This technology uses advanced new transparent materials to package the substrate and its LED packaging unit on the basis of SMD technology, which can solve the congenital deficiencies of the protective performance of SMD technology and the display performance of point light source in the current mainstream market, as well as the problems of COB technology, such as the inability to mix lights, spectral color difference, maintenance difficulties, and high production costs. In view of the current development level, GOB has improved the existing protection technology of LED display screen and realized the conversion and display of display point light source from surface light source. This also makes GOB have ultra-high degree of protection and hardness in terms of protection level, and the actual display effect is equivalent to beautifying the LED display screen under the original SMD technology. It can be said that GOB not only retains the mature technology of traditional SMD, but also solves the bottleneck pain point problem of the original product. Compared with the high-cost COB technology, GOB can easily achieve mass production, stable quality and reasonable price, so as long as its related products can meet the market demand and can be rapidly applied to all fields of the market.
At present, GOB technology is mainly applied to products with small spacing, and its process has high requirements for packaging materials, i.e. "glue". Generally, new materials such as epoxy resin can be used, and technologies such as inkjet blackening can also be used to enhance screen contrast. Although GOB technology has many advantages of both SMD and COB, it should also be noted that it still has its limitations in the advanced degree of technology, and its future application and development path will continue to expand with the development of technology and materials.
Market development can be expected to solve application pain points
Tracing the development process of GOB technology, we can find that the GOB market has not really been developed before 2019. The real development of the GOB market benefits from the development of the small pitch LED display screen market. The wide application of the small pitch display screen in the commercial display market makes the terminal market have higher requirements for product protection and display effect. Take the interactive small-space products as an example. In the interactive application scenario, the LED display screen is not only the carrier of information display, but also will participate in the immersive human-screen interaction. At this time, the requirements for the flatness of the screen body are put forward. The traditional small-space LED display screen has a gap between the lamp beads, and the touch experience is poor. In addition, the visual effect of point-display close viewing is also poor.
Through the GOB process, the granular pixel points on the surface of the original lamp panel have been transformed into an integral plane lamp panel, realizing the transformation from point light source to surface light source. The product's light emission is more uniform, the display effect is more clear and transparent, and the visual angle of the product is greatly improved, the molar pattern is effectively eliminated, the product contrast is significantly improved, the anti-blue light effect is achieved, the glare and glare are reduced, and the visual fatigue is reduced, And effectively protect the safety and health of users.
The continuous development of the small-space LED display market has brought GOB technology to a higher level. Therefore, GOB products have shown their skills in indoor meeting scenes and outdoor harsh environments. In addition, with the disappearance of the epidemic, the construction of new infrastructure and smart cities will also gradually recover, which also means that in the construction of 5G infrastructure, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things, ultra-high voltage, new energy vehicle charging pile, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, small spacing products combined with GOB technology will gain more development space, and rely on the strong power of small spacing LED display development, It can be predicted that GOB technology will usher in more development opportunities in the future market.
Promote the development of micro-space with the strongest level and low cost
In the LED display screen industry, achieving higher definition and smaller spacing of displays is always one of the future development directions, and in the process of promoting micro spacing display, GOB technology has been described by some industry insiders as a low-cost option to "enter the era of micro spacing.". So why is GOB regarded as the strongest replacement? This should also be seen in combination with the current packaging technology and the development trend of small spacing products.
From the perspective of traditional SMD technology, the stock market of its products has been close to saturation at present, and new development increments are difficult to appear. From the perspective of emerging representative COB technology, there are fewer incoming manufacturers in general, and they are in the stage of concept greater than reality. The specific effect is still a certain distance from the market expectation. This pattern gives more development opportunities to the progressive GOB technology: GOB and SMD, IMD, and MIP come down in one continuous line and reach the same goal by different routes. Through the complementary integration between the two technology paths, GOB can maximize the "take its essence and discard its dregs", which is an option for promoting the scale process of the micro spacing display technology industry. Take the combination of GOB technology and MIP technology as an example. Recently, in the field of Micro LED, MIP technology has been receiving more and more attention, and the combination of GOB and GOB has strengthened the protection and display effect, and at the same time, it can be said that it conforms to the development trend of the industry. While increasing the exploration of high-end LED products in the industry, chip, packaging, and display manufacturers have made technological breakthroughs. Combining with GOB technology can add value to display applications with dot spacing below P1.0, innovate the existing micro spacing display technology landscape, and fully radiate their own light and value.
For LED screen enterprises standing in the technological and industrial transformation, the development status of GOB technology is extremely good for their leaping. Breaking through the traditional technical barriers of SMD and developing towards smaller spacing display screens with lower costs not only meets the needs of enterprise technology transformation, but also adds more vitality to the market. It is also true that more and more manufacturers have entered the field of GOB technology and constantly made breakthroughs in GOB. However, when entering the GOB field, manufacturers should also note that, unlike other complete packaging technologies, GOB is not an independent packaging system, but is superimposed on other technologies. While focusing on GOB, they should also pay attention to the development level of other packaging technologies to achieve a better breakthrough.
As an extension of SMD technology, GOB has successfully solved the problem of pain points in previous market applications and has been widely used in various scenarios. At the same time, with powerful auxiliary functions, while the packaging technology continues to develop and leapt, GOB has promoted breakthroughs in the smaller spacing of LED display screens and attracted more manufacturers to layout. I believe that with the continuous improvement of its technology and technology, as well as the breakthrough of future packaging technology, GOB will realize its value on a broader platform.

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