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Company news about Case Collection Presents Ligh Poles LED Screens Empowering Smart Cities

Case Collection Presents Ligh Poles LED Screens Empowering Smart Cities


Latest company news about Case Collection Presents Ligh Poles LED Screens Empowering Smart Cities

With the rapid development of technology and the acceleration of urbanization, urban infrastructure is also constantly improving and improving. Among them, urban light pole LED screens have gradually been widely used in cities due to their unique advantages. Urban light poles and LED screens not only provide night lighting, but also serve as billboards during the day, bringing dual benefits to the city. In recent years, this new type of LED display screen has gradually been promoted and applied in domestic and foreign markets.
Urban light pole LED screens have the characteristics of high brightness and large size, which can clearly display information such as text, images, and videos. While providing road lighting, it can effectively convey advertising and public information, enhancing the city's image and visibility. TBC LED adopts high-quality SMD products to create lamp post screens for urban streets, empowering smart cities. Currently, it has implemented numerous lamp post display projects in Qingdao, Mianyang, Changchun and other places, providing customized solutions to showcase the future of the city through technology.
We provide TBC LED SMD products and 89 sets of double-sided light poles at Qingdao Beer City, showcasing advanced lighting screen technology and empowering smart displays. At the Mianyang Convention and Exhibition Center, TBC LED light pole screen products are used to create 100 sets of display screens with 50 lamp posts. The exquisite appearance design showcases excellent product performance. In addition, TBC LED light pole led products are also used to create 41 sets of intelligent double-sided pole display screens for the Changchun Free Trade Zone Industrial Park, lighting up smart city life for users.
As a new type of urban infrastructure, urban light pole LED screens have a wide range of application scenarios and development potential. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous growth of social demand, the importance of LED screens for urban light poles in urban development will continue to increase in the future. TBC LED will fully demonstrate the power of technology and innovation, and comprehensively empower smart cities and colorful displays with more high-quality products


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