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Company news about China's first international film standard has been officially released, with the arrival of LED film screen heads?

China's first international film standard has been officially released, with the arrival of LED film screen heads?


Latest company news about China's first international film standard has been officially released, with the arrival of LED film screen heads?

Recently, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) officially approved the release of the film standard ISO 5926:2013 Technical Requirements and Measurement Methods for Stereoscopic Projection of Digital Cinemas, which was proposed and led by China. The first international film standard proposed and formulated by China this time not only fills the gap in international standards in the field of film technology but also breaks the monopoly of foreign technology standards. At the same time, it also strives for the dominant position for China's independent intellectual property film equipment to enter the international market and participate in international competition. As one of the display terminal devices, the LED film screen has great potential in the film application market with its powerful appearance, ultra-high definition, contrast, Refresh rate and other advantages. So, under the first international film standard proposed by China, can LED film screens, which are still in the early stages of penetration, be better developed?

Display performance dominates and market demand increases
According to preliminary statistics from the National Film Administration, the total box office of the 2023 Spring Festival season is 6.758 billion yuan, breaking the record for the second-highest box office in Chinese film history. With the popularity of the Spring Festival season, the box office of the May Day holiday continued to be "insulated", creating the third-highest record in Chinese film market history. The epidemic has subsided, and the top content has put forth momentum, driving the Chinese film market to steadily move forward on the path of recovery. At the same time, LED movie screens, known for their new generation of active projection technology, are gradually entering the film industry application market and appearing in the public's vision. As multiple domestic LED movie screen applications enter the real implementation stage, we have seen infinite possibilities in a cinema screening. This possibility is not only reflected in the application of LED screens in the field of cinema display but also in the application of LED screens in advertising, stage performances, displays and other scenarios. Its unique advantages have also been widely recognized in the industry. With the increasing market demand, LED display screen manufacturers have also begun to focus on the field of LED movie screens. So why can LED movie screens enter the vast market of film?

When it comes to LED displays, I am not accustomed to linking them with movie screenings. But the application of LEDs in cinemas is no longer new. The earliest attempt at LED movie screens began with foreign brands. Due to China being a strong country in LED research and development, packaging, and production, with strong experience in research and application, many domestic LED display screen manufacturers have also entered the cinema industry in recent years, increasing their research and development investment in this field. This means that domestic LED movie screens have obtained formal licenses for commercial cinema applications, announcing that the concept of LED movie screens has entered the landing stage. LED movie screens may enter the new market for upgrading movie equipment due to various factors. Firstly, in terms of policy, the "14th Five Year Plan for the Development of Chinese Film" issued in 2021 stated that it will actively establish and improve a system of independent innovation in film technology, and achieve key breakthroughs in key technology and equipment research and development. Among them, LED screen technology in cinemas has been nominated as a new-generation digital cinema equipment system, and related projects have also been included in the list of national key projects for film technology development. The release of this plan has greatly promoted the development of LED movie screens in China, which is of great significance for LED display screen manufacturers.

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