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Company news about COB packaging related process flow

COB packaging related process flow


Latest company news about COB packaging related process flow

Since the development of the LED display screen industry, various production and packaging processes have emerged. The small pitch market is currently dominated by SMT mounting technology. In the micro pitch market, COB packaging technology is increasingly recognized by the market with higher pixel density and more precise display effects. So, what is the COB packaging process flow?
What is COB packaging process
COB packaging process, also known as Chip On Board packaging process, is a packaging method that directly attaches LED chips onto a PCB board. Compared with traditional SMD packaging methods, COB packaging has higher integration, stronger heat dissipation performance, and more stable performance. At the same time, COB packaging technology also has advantages such as high production efficiency and low cost, so it has broad application prospects in the field of LED display screens.

The advantages of COB packaging technology
The COB packaging process supports multiple display modes and color adjustment functions, which can be personalized according to different application scenarios and needs to meet various display needs. Specifically, there are several points to consider:
High brightness: COB packaging technology can directly mount LED chips onto PCB boards, making the display screen brighter and clearer.
High contrast: COB packaging technology can effectively improve the contrast of LED displays, making black more profound, white more pure, and colors more vibrant.
Long lifespan: Due to the better heat dissipation and stability of COB packaging technology, LED display screens have a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and replacement frequency.
Strong heat dissipation ability: COB products package LED light-emitting chips (wafers) on a PCB board, and quickly transfer heat from the lamp core through the copper foil on the PCB board. The thickness of the copper foil on the PCB board has strict process requirements, and with the addition of the deposition process, it will hardly cause serious light attenuation. So there are very few dead lights, greatly extending the lifespan.
Wear resistant and easy to clean: The surface of the lamp points is flat, smooth and hard, and resistant to collision and wear; If there are any defects, they can be repaired point by point; No mask, dust can be cleaned with water or cloth.
All weather excellent characteristics: adopting triple protection treatment, with outstanding waterproof, moisture, corrosion, dust, static electricity, oxidation, and UV effects; Satisfying all-weather working conditions, it can still be used normally in a temperature difference environment from minus 20 degrees to minus 60 degrees.

COB small pitch led

COB small pitch led

COB small pitch led


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