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Company news about Do you know the development process of commercial display?

Do you know the development process of commercial display?


Latest company news about Do you know the development process of commercial display?

Relevant data show that the commercial display industry is developing rapidly, and has taken 40% of the global industry revenue last year. At present, commercial display covers a wide range of areas, involving all aspects of people's lives, including government and enterprise units, education, retail, medical, transportation, conference and other industries. Product types are also emerging in an endless stream.

In order to meet the needs of people's lives, product iteration is fast and updates are rapid. In recent years, the market size of commercial display in China has increased by about three times in the past 10 years. In just 10 years, such a terrible growth rate undoubtedly reflects the great value of this industry in the market. Huge market value, has now become a competitive place for major panel manufacturers, of course, also attracted a large number of new and old manufacturers to join the competition, such as Huawei is naturally one of the best.

It is the focus of these new and old factories to expand their markets and further increase their profits. In order to let more people know about the business display industry, we will talk about the development process of the business display industry today.

Stage 1: Turn the paper into a screen single board In 2002, China's first LCD advertising machine was installed on a bus in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone imitated the Hong Kong model for advertising, replacing the traditional advertising posters and light boxes for the first time, and realizing the conversion of paper into a screen. This LCD advertising machine was produced by Toshiba, Japan. In 2003, Focus Media was born, the first elevator media in the world, founder Jiang Nanchun. In 2005, it became the first Chinese advertising media stock listed on Nasdaq in the United States and was included in the Nasdaq 100 Index in 2007. In 2009, as one of the outdoor media advertising carriers, outdoor advertising machines displayed information outdoors without the influence of natural weather, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information dissemination.

Stage 2: Internet of Everything From 2010 to 2011, Android system was launched, and domestic technology companies took the lead in developing and creating the first MID product Android MID-560 in China. From Android 1.0 to Android 7.1, many manufacturers have devoted themselves to the development of Android system, which is widely used in the business display industry. From stand-alone version to networking, business display equipment has begun the first step of interconnection of all things. In 2012, the electronic newspaper column is an important innovation in the development of media convergence, carrying more social functions, not only simply providing news, but also attracting more audiences by providing multi-scene service functions. At the end of 2015, Jingdong officially launched the "commercial display" project. On April 1, 2016, the first commercial display brand was officially launched. In July, the "Business Display" channel was officially launched in Jingdong. In 2016, the commercial display integrated backlight set was put on the market, which is different from the existing traditional scattered procurement and assembly modes such as touch screen, LCD screen and shell. There are two kinds of conventional products for commercial display standardization: integrated backlight nesting and LCD module nesting.

The third stage: human-computer interaction intelligent version In 2017, it can be regarded as the first year when the business display industry officially entered the intelligence. The smart business display has greatly enhanced the user's experience, evolved from a simple advertising machine to an intelligent terminal, changed the hardware into a touch screen, and added card readers, printers, cameras and so on, which are no longer limited to one-way communication. More and more diversified intelligent self-service terminals are coming out to provide convenient services for people.

Stage 4: Artificial Intelligence Smart Edition Since 2019, intelligent industries such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, industrial Internet and new retail have developed vigorously, and the demand for business display products has been strong, which has virtually promoted the rapid development of intelligent business display industry. In early April 2020, Samsung announced that it would stop producing LCD panels in July and accelerate the transition to OLED. There is a shortage of chips in the world, and commercial display has entered the 3.0 era. In 2021, the application level of commercial display will be further deepened to create more "smart display" application value based on the integration of more 5G, AI and cloud computing support. 2021 is the first year of the concept of "meta-universe". As the latest product of audio-visual technology, the new interactive mode of wisdom and information world, how to integrate the meta-universe with the business display industry has also become the focus of attention in the industry. 2022.. In the Internet of Things era, the interaction and links between people, things, cities and cities will be more intelligent in the future, and business display devices will evolve from single-dimensional intelligence to multi-dimensional intelligence. Smart business display has greatly enhanced the user's sense of experience, catching the east wind of new retail and unmanned retail, smart business is bound to get a new round of development opportunities.

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