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Company news about How the naked-eye 3D screen deceives your eyes?

How the naked-eye 3D screen deceives your eyes?


Latest company news about How the naked-eye 3D screen deceives your eyes?

Since 2020, the naked-eye 3D screen has gradually entered the public's vision. From the wave tank in Seoul, South Korea, to the spaceship in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, to the tricolor cat in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the naked-eye 3D screen has attracted the attention of countless people around the world.

Compared with traditional 3D display screens that require glasses or helmets, naked-eye 3D screens that can be viewed without equipment seem to have a natural advantage, but is it technological progress or visual fraud behind naked-eye 3D screens? As a practitioner of naked-eye 3D screen, today I will talk to you about what naked-eye 3D screen is all about. At present, most of the net red naked-eye 3D screens are corner screens, which use two adjacent flat screens to present different surfaces of three-dimensional objects, and use the imaging of two adjacent surfaces of space perspective and corner screens to create visual illusions of light and shadow, light and shade, virtual and real for human eyes, so that the content of the picture presents a sense of volume. The black area on the right side of the corner screen tiger in the picture below is also part of the video source, which is used as a plane reference object, so that when the tiger is out of the frame, it will produce a stronger three-dimensional sense.

naked eye 3d led screen

Each 3D video source needs to be customized according to parameters such as screen shape, size and viewing angle. The method comprises the following steps of: firstly, determining an optimal viewing angle; secondly, creating video content conforming to a perspective principle according to the viewing angle; thirdly, positioning corners according to a box layout of a display screen; and finally, outputting a video source presenting a stereoscopic effect at a specific angle. In reality, we can see the effect of the object on the screen. In the simulated three-dimensional space, the object is really flying out. Because the video source is created according to the 3D effect simulated from a specific perspective, only by standing at a specific angle to watch the naked-eye 3D screen, can the three-dimensional effect of the best perspective be obtained. If you don't stand at the best angle, the screen will be distorted. This is why most naked-eye 3D corner screens have the same shooting angle, because the best 3D effect can only be seen at a certain angle of view. In order to achieve the perfect integration of creative content and real environment and create immersive 3D experience, designers need to customize video sources that conform to the perspective principle according to the scene of on-site installation of display screens. The more the boundary of the video content fits the real scene, the more real the three-dimensional sense it brings to the audience. Hardware requirements of naked-eye 3D screen/display effect depends on screen hard conditions/ From the hardware point of view, not all outdoor led screens are suitable for naked-eye 3D effect.

naked eye 3d led screen

The display effect of naked-eye 3D screen requires high screen quality, fineness of installation and creativity of realistic materials. In order to present a better 3D video effect, the led screen should meet at least the following three requirements. Seamless transition: The mainstream 3D large screen in the market is mainly corner screen and arc screen, and the real seamless corner screen is better. Seamless transition can better integrate two adjacent flat screens, bringing a stronger sense of space and volume visual experience. High-definition picture: Outdoor high-definition large screen has become the development direction, 8K resolution and small spacing have become the mainstream, and the spacing has developed from p16, P10, P8 to P6, P3.9 and even P2.5. The smaller the spacing, the more delicate the screen display effect, showing a more realistic 3D effect. Immersion effect: Compared with the ordinary outdoor advertising screen, the naked-eye 3D display screen pursues the stability of the picture and the reality of the color. Excellent screen quality can present more details of the picture and bring more immersive visual experience.

The naked-eye 3D screen with shocking effect often has the characteristics of "three highs". High refresh: 3840Hz and higher refresh ensure higher picture stability; High gray scale: 16 bit (65536 color changes) to ensure more delicate color changes to avoid chromatic aberration or fault; High contrast ratio: the highest 10000 nits brightness ensures that the picture can maintain visibility in direct sunlight, showing more details and more pure colors. At this stage, naked-eye 3D is mainly distributed in CBD business circles of some medium and large cities to achieve the purpose of draining commercial bodies and creating urban landmarks. For cities, the successful integration of 3D content and local culture will bring huge traffic and exposure to the city, and create a place for Internet celebrities to punch in. As a LED engineering service expert trusted by customers, TBC LED has helped more than a dozen first-and second-tier cities in China, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, successfully realize the layout of naked-eye 3D screens in the past two years. With the popularity of naked-eye 3D screen in the world, overseas customers also favor naked-eye 3D outdoor large screen, the United States, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries can see the figure of TBC LED nake-eye 3D large screen. Compared with traditional led screens, naked-eye 3D screens with hot spots and traffic are obviously more popular with customers and advertisers.

naked eye 3d led screen

However, when there are more and more naked-eye 3D outdoor advertising cases and the content of screen broadcasting tends to be homogeneous, high-quality display screen is the key to maintain the popularity of naked-eye 3D screen, thus bringing continuous advertising benefits.

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