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Company news about How to deal with extreme weather with outdoor LED screens

How to deal with extreme weather with outdoor LED screens


Latest company news about How to deal with extreme weather with outdoor LED screens

The suitable temperature for outdoor LED display screens is -20 °~65 °. Excessive temperature can affect the chip, reduce the display screen's luminous efficiency, and cause significant light attenuation. In addition, the packaging material of LED tubes can also cause a sudden increase in thermal expansion coefficient due to excessive temperature, leading to open circuits and failure of LED tubes. At 60 degrees Celsius, the brightness of the red, green, and blue lights decreases, and their attenuation values are inconsistent, resulting in a decrease in overall screen brightness and color deviation. At the same time, the operating temperature of the LED display screen exceeding the chip's bearing temperature will quickly reduce the luminous efficiency of the LED display screen, resulting in significant light attenuation and damage; The packaging material of the LED tube will transform into a rubber like material and the thermal expansion coefficient will suddenly increase, leading to the open circuit and failure of the LED tube. Therefore, the LED display screen should do a good job in heat dissipation and control the screen temperature below 60 ℃.
Choose the right material structure to optimize heat dissipation and waterproof performance
The LED display screen consists of a mask, circuit board, and bottom shell. To prevent fire and moisture, the mask and bottom shell should be made of PC fiberglass material, which has flame retardant function. The waterproof adhesive used in LED display screens is also an important component of LED display screens. The circuit board is sprayed with black three proofing paint to prevent weathering, corrosion, etc. In terms of structure, through the design of high-density high-precision circuit board, air Fluid mechanics is used inside to increase air circulation, avoid water accumulation, and eliminate the risk of short circuit of wires.
The power supply of LED display screens is the core of the entire display system, and the quality of the power supply directly affects the performance of the display screen. The efficiency of driving the IC is related to the energy consumption of the entire system. Some manufacturers use innovative technology and common cathode driving to accurately distribute current and voltage between R, G, and B chips on outdoor LED display screens, making the product more energy-efficient and energy-saving compared to similar products, and reducing energy consumption, Reduce the temperature rise of the system, improve the stability and reliability of the display, and achieve the ideal energy-saving effect of reducing screen heating, reducing power consumption, and efficient response.
The outdoor LED display screen needs to adopt a box structure. Firstly, the module should be an outdoor fully waterproof module, and the back of the module should be painted with three proofing paint. The box should be a waterproof box with good sealing performance, and aluminum alloy is a more suitable material choice for LED box materials in high-temperature environments. Before leaving the factory, outdoor boxes are required to undergo a waterproof test by sprinkling water on the surface of the LED display screen. After multiple tests, it is ensured that the protection level reaches IP65, achieving true waterproofing. In addition, the structural components of the LED display box are perishable, including metal columns in the screen body, circuit boards, wiring terminals, and connectors; The components sensitive to water vapor are circuit boards and electronic component pins. Other component kits are made of engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy, rubber, etc., and are not sensitive to water vapor. The LED modules currently in use on the market are equipped with water deflectors at the top and bottom, a waterproof rear shell at the back, and safety ropes to prevent them from falling. At the same time, there is a complete set of waterproof equipment such as a dedicated frame, rain proof power supply, and waterproof card box, which can ensure the normal operation of the screen.

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