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Company news about In the era of intelligent display windows, the "big" and "small" development path of LED displays

In the era of intelligent display windows, the "big" and "small" development path of LED displays


Latest company news about In the era of intelligent display windows, the

In the era of information explosion, there are more and more applications for large screen splicing, and its application industries are also increasing. From traditional public security, broadcasting, and transportation industries to emerging retail, business, and other industries, splicing can be seen everywhere. Due to the vast market and fierce competition, the most typical one is the competition between LED and LCD. In recent years, LCD splicing display products and LED displays have been widely used in video surveillance, command and dispatch, relying on the huge demand of the global security industry market. LCD splicing display products have relatively stable growth potential. Compared to LCD, LED displays are more active. Benefiting from policies and the market, LED displays are gradually moving from professional display fields such as security, transportation, and energy to commercial display fields such as cinemas and conference rooms. According to data, the outdoor application market of LED display screens in China currently accounts for 59%. Nowadays, the application of LED display screens is becoming more and more widespread, and their frequency of confrontation with LCD is also increasing. So, what are the advantages of LED display screens compared to LCD splicing display products?

Before the development and maturity of LED display technology, the mainstream large screen display technology in the market was DLP and LCD splicing large screens. Early ultra large screens were mainly composed of multiple DLP displays with narrow edge seams. With the emergence of LCD displays with price advantages, the market share of LCD splicing large screens gradually expanded. The iteration of LCD splicing display products is mainly reflected in two technical indicators, one is stitching, and the other is brightness. Due to the inherent display characteristics of liquid crystal displays, it is impossible to achieve a high level of brightness. The demand for semi outdoor and outdoor display application scenarios is gradually emerging, and the demand for high brightness display panels from machine manufacturers is growing rapidly. Currently, the vast majority of brightness specifications are difficult to meet market demand. At this time, the advantages of LED display screen products are highlighted. LED display screens can not only form a large area display system without edge seams, but also are most suitable for large and open environments and long-distance viewing due to their direct emission principle and variable shape characteristics.

Small spacing "warm current" surge
With the development of small spacing, LED display screens not only bloom outdoors, but also occupy a certain market share in the field of indoor commercial displays due to their advantages. According to data from the China Academy of Commerce and Industry, the sales of small pitch LED displays in China reached 16.5 billion yuan in 2022, and it is expected that the sales will increase to 18 billion yuan in 2023. In the first quarter of 2023, the application of small pitch LED displays in conference scenes was nearly half, accounting for 46%. The saturation of traditional command/monitoring applications was relatively high, and the market share of shipping area was less than 20%. In fact, currently, LED small pitch direct display has achieved large-scale mass production of products with P0.4 and above, and has become "close to LCD display" in pixel pitch indicators. In terms of resolution supply for large-sized displays, it can almost meet the needs of any display.

In the field of large screen display, small spacing products have obvious advantages, and the market share is expected to continue to increase. The small pitch LED display screen adopts pixel level point control technology to achieve state control of the brightness, color restoration, and uniformity of the display unit. Compared to traditional backlights, small spacing LED backlights have concentrated positions in the emission wavelength, faster response speed, and more advantages compared to traditional LED display devices. At the same time, the huge commercial display and home use fields are also the penetration direction of the small distance future, and major manufacturers are actively preparing for the commercial display market. In addition, the rapid development of the cultural and tourism market has also brought more application opportunities for LED displays in the field of commercial displays. The updating of operational models in multiple fields, including movies, advertising, sports, and entertainment, continues to drive the prosperity of commercial displays. In projection systems, traditional projection projection always faces "brightness bottleneck" and "resolution bottleneck" on large screens. These two technical bottlenecks are precisely the major advantages of small pitch LEDs. In addition, with the increasing popularity of HDR today, projector projection systems are also unable to achieve the control ability of LED screen precision to achieve "sub pixel by pixel" brightness adjustment. The LED small pitch display screen can achieve 8K display, which makes it even more powerful.

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