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Company news about In the second half of the year, the opportunity period of led screen opens three major competitions. Which one do you like?

In the second half of the year, the opportunity period of led screen opens three major competitions. Which one do you like?


Latest company news about In the second half of the year, the opportunity period of led screen opens three major competitions. Which one do you like?

In the first half of this year, the domestic LED display market demand weakened, and the overall output value of LED display declined. At present, the LED display industry has entered the second half of the 2022 long-distance race. Faced with the opportunities and challenges from the trough to the peak, the major screen enterprises are keeping a low profile, making flexible changes in the predicament, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, injecting new "fuel" into the industry and driving the whole industry to gallop. In 2022, China's LED display market will reach 126.4 billion yuan. In the second half of the year, with the steady recovery of the economy, LED display enterprises have started the "self-help" mode, and the policy is also injecting "cardiotonic" into the LED display market, and the industry is about to usher in a broad and clear period of development opportunities. LED Movie Screen May Meet Step by Step Development More than half of 2022 has passed, and the repeated impact of the epidemic has brought a lot of pressure to all walks of life, especially the consumption-related tourism, catering, entertainment and other sectors, which indirectly led to the led screen industry related business into a downturn. Recently, a number of media and market research institutions have published articles expressing their views on the economic recovery in the second half of the year, especially on the stabilization of epidemic prevention and control, the recovery of consumption, and even the "retaliatory" consumption rebound in some areas. Compared with the mainstream projection technology, LED cinema screen has the advantages of high color gamut, high durability, wide viewing angle, high brightness range and high color depth, which can provide a more comfortable immersive impression. The high dynamic range imaging display effect can also promote the innovation of shooting and production technology in the film industry. In 2022, the application of LED movie screens seems to have entered a period of steady acceleration. Even under the influence of repeated epidemics in the first half of the year, it still failed to stop the progress of related projects. In the second half of the year, with the improvement of the economic situation, the cinema industry is also expected to usher in a rapid rebound in consumption, and the market demand for LED movie screens will gradually release, or will usher in a leap-forward development. Led screen culture and tourism plate is expected to pick up In the first half of 2022, the epidemic situation in China continued to spread repeatedly, most provinces implemented the inter-provincial travel fuse mechanism, the epidemic prevention and control policy was tightened, tourists were restricted to travel, the number of holiday tourists declined year on year, and the domestic tourism industry continued to bear pressure. The procurement of related LED projects has been suspended or even cancelled, which has affected the sales of LED displays. With the gradual slowdown of the epidemic in many places, governments at all levels have issued a series of policies to rescue the market and give more support to the tourism market. For example, many provinces have issued consumption vouchers in many fields, and the amount of subsidies for consumption vouchers in the field of Chinese tourism has reached billions of yuan, covering hotel accommodation, tickets for scenic spots, holiday routes, duty-free shopping and other travel scenarios. With the successive implementation of various stimulating policies, the vitality of the cultural tourism industry will be re-stimulated in the second half of the year, and the related market demand for led screens in the cultural tourism industry will be further activated, which is expected to become an effective force to drive up the performance of led screen enterprises in the second half of the year. 50% Cost Reduction for MicroLED MicroLED is the high-density integration of LED array, and the pixel spacing in the array is micron magnitude, which not only makes the device more portable, more power-saving and longer service life, but also achieves ultra-high density pixel level, wide color gamut and high imaging resolution, which is the mainstream technology in the current LED display market. After nearly two decades of development, Micro LED finally ushered in the blooming application year in 2022. The application of Micro LED this year can be said to be a comprehensive development from large (size) to small, from indoor to outdoor, and even expand the field to AR glasses. In fact, as early as 2018, when Samsung launched the world's first super-large Micro LED TV, the outside world was full of expectations for the application of Micro LED in the field of large-scale display. However, due to technical and cost problems, it was not until this year that the launch of Micro LED large-scale display products was really a volume. This year, the cost of Micro LED has dropped by 50% compared with last year. Yang Fubao, an analyst at TrendForce Jibang Consulting, points out that the most critical factor catalyzing the development of Micro LED large-scale display this year is the optimization of cost. Conclusion: Under the predicament, LED display enterprises closely follow the pace of the first year of mass production of Micro LED and Mini LED, and vigorously promote the new products, accelerate the entry of the two into the general market, and lead the industry to gallop around the curve. The prelude to the second half of the year has begun, and it is believed that the LED display industry will sweep away the haze of the first half of the year and bring more surprises.

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