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IP65 +, TBC LED outdoor large screen ultra-high waterproof how to do?

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IP65 +, TBC LED outdoor large screen ultra-high waterproof how to do?
Latest company news about IP65 +, TBC LED outdoor large screen ultra-high waterproof how to do?

Outdoor large screens are often exposed to heavy rain, typhoon, heavy snow and other weather, so waterproof performance is particularly important. The protection grade of TBC LED Outdoor LED Large Screen reaches IP65 +, with strong waterproof strength, which can cope with all kinds of rainy weather. A large outdoor LED screen can be perfectly waterproof without the support of innovative technology and special technology behind it. For traditional LED displays, there are usually the following ways to make them waterproof: In terms of raw materials, high-quality waterproof modules and high-quality waterproof modules are used. In the process of processing, the back of the module is painted with three-proof paint to effectively deal with the damage of water vapor to the display elements, and the module is tightly filled with glue, and a high-quality waterproof rubber ring is used at the connection with the module, thus blocking the entry of water vapor. TBC LED has always followed the path of high-quality development, which is not satisfied with the existing waterproof process and design. On this basis, in-depth research has been carried out, and unique methods and processes have been created to further improve the waterproof performance of LED large screen. Here's how TBC LED improves the waterproofing of outdoor LED displays. Insist on original processing TBC LED's sheet metal boxes and die-casting boxes are processed and produced by our own factory, with strict quality control and pursuit of excellence. It can meet the customer's demand for quality, provide customized improvement solutions for waterproof gluing problems, and achieve waterproof performance far higher than industry standards. Unique press-type water immersion detection Before assembly of all outdoor screen modules, the fully automatic immersion machine exclusively introduced by TBC LED shall be used for uniform pressing immersion detection, and the pressing time shall last for 3 minutes, so as to ensure that the outdoor display screen meets the IP65 + protection standard before leaving the factory. Self-developed airtight test equipment TBC LED independently develops and designs airtight test equipment to carry out intelligent airtight test on all outdoor modules. Under the condition that the inflation time is 10 seconds and the pressure holding time is 18 seconds, the corresponding pressure holding parameters are adjusted for testing, so as to ensure that the waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and other performances of the product meet the requirements. With these rigorous testing processes, the waterproof performance of TBC LED outdoor LED display is even better.

ip65 outdoor led display

outdoor led display ip65


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