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Company news about Is the Las Vegas giant ball screen for display or lighting?

Is the Las Vegas giant ball screen for display or lighting?


Latest company news about Is the Las Vegas giant ball screen for display or lighting?

The MSG Sphere giant ball screen project, designed by Populous Architects and jointly constructed by Madison Square Garden Entertainment (MSG) and Sands Group (acquired by Apollo Global Management in 2022), took 5 years, covers an area of approximately 81000 square meters, is 102 meters high, has a maximum diameter of 157 meters at the widest point, an outer ball screen LED area of 54000 square meters, and an LED inner display circular screen of 15000 square meters; There are a total of 9 floors, including the basement. The interior of the building is a spacious multifunctional space that can accommodate nearly 20000 people at the same time.
With a deeper understanding of the details of this giant ball screen project, professionals in the field of display or lighting have become increasingly confused. Does this super ball screen project belong to display or lighting? The outer ball screen of this project covers an area of over 50000 square meters and uses 1.2 million LED point light sources, which are assembled on U-shaped strips to form a huge spherical facade. It is precisely the use of this type of LED point light source that sets it apart from traditional LED displays and is usually classified as a field of lighting or landscape lighting.

But what is installed inside the ball screen is a solid LED transparent screen, with an area of nearly 15000 square meters. It is made from the P9 LED light strip screen to become the world's largest high-definition LED screen with a 16K resolution. When the performance begins, the LED screen spreads from the ceiling to the wall, completely enveloping the audience, and then a series of 16K dynamic images roll in. The scene inside the ball screen is a typical LED display screen familiar to the LED display industry. Although it is the world's largest ball screen display, it is not surprising, and many domestic enterprises have even participated in the construction of LED display screens inside the ball screen. But should this unprecedented $2.3 billion project be classified as lighting or display? There are various opinions in the industry, and there is no consensus. Many people believe that this project is a model of lighting and display integration.

With the rise and development of LED technology, the application boundaries of LED continue to expand. Since replacing neon lights, it has replaced incandescent lights in the lighting field and developed into an LED lighting industry with nearly a trillion yuan of output value. In the field of LED display, the performance is more obvious. After replacing DLP and LCD splicing on a large scale in the field of splicing screens, LED displays have become a standout in commercial display fields such as advertising machines and all-in-one machines; In the field of outdoor advertising and media, LED displays are particularly advantageous, not only replacing traditional lightbox sign advertisements on a large scale, but also achieving disruptive changes in the field of landscape lighting. The rise of LED lighting and display is not simply a matter of selection and replacement, all of which are built on the foundation of LED technology progress.

Is it lighting or display? The unprecedented shocking project of the MSG Sphere giant ball screen in Las Vegas has given us inspiration - the integration of multiple formats is a new trend in the development of future displays or lighting. Just as the theme of "Innovation driven, building a new ecological environment for sustainable LED development" was established at this national LED display technology seminar, innovation continuously promotes the sustainable development of LED lighting and display industry.

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