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Company news about Is the "recovery" of the overseas market of LED display screen a "false prosperity"?

Is the "recovery" of the overseas market of LED display screen a "false prosperity"?


Latest company news about Is the

led movie screenSince this year, due to the repeated impact of domestic epidemics, the "cold winter" of the domestic market of LED display screen industry has come ahead of schedule, the order volume has dropped, and the market segment has "rolled in". In contrast, the overseas market has seen a "recovery". New products have gathered at international exhibitions, and significant technological breakthroughs have opened the market direction for domestic screen enterprises. In the overseas market, users pay much attention to the XR virtual photography technology, creative display, stage rental screen, etc. Based on the popularity of these fields in the overseas market, some people in the industry put forward the view that the epidemic situation has enlarged the demand of the virtual photography market, and also indirectly expanded the demand of the overseas market. LED display shows a geometric growth trend in the virtual photography field, However, in the context of the huge impact on the global economy, the prosperity of a certain field does not represent the prosperity of the entire overseas market, but rather a "false prosperity", a temporary "carnival". This kind of argument seems pessimistic, but we can't deny it completely. The epidemic has indeed had a great impact on the global economic system, but the popularity of the virtual photography market is also due to the accelerated development of the epidemic. So, how do we view the "small recovery" under the "big cold winter"?


The development of virtual photography has not retreated, and the acceleration mode is enabled


According to the viewpoint put forward above, it involves the application of LED display in the field of virtual photography and the global economic background. First of all, from the perspective of virtual shooting, LED display was first applied to the shooting of the American drama Mandalorian in 2019. It can be said that foreign film and television producers started the application of LED display in virtual shooting. Later, due to the epidemic situation, the film and television industry was in a depression. In order to recover the market as soon as possible, the shooting method dominated by virtual shooting was very popular, which also reduced the cost of video production and was more widely used. The epidemic situation is like a "gate". For example, the overseas market before the epidemic had demand for virtual photography, but it was very quiet. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the market demand for virtual photography rose, opening the overseas market demand for more subdivided LED display products. After the release of the overseas epidemic situation, the overstocked inventory during the epidemic was like opening the gate for "flood discharge", a large number of "flows out", As a result, the overseas market has "recovered".


It can be said that the application of LED display in virtual photography has existed before the epidemic, and it is also a development direction in the subdivided field in constant trial and practice. However, the epidemic has accelerated its forward development, and has also driven the "virtual tide" of domestic screen enterprises. According to China Electronics News, Alto Electronics, a domestic screen company, has undertaken a total of 21 XR virtual studio projects in 2021, with newly signed contracts exceeding 150 million yuan; Reggio Vision, a subsidiary of Zhouming Technology, focuses on the field of virtual photography, and has built virtual studios in different forms in London, California, South Korea and Thailand. In 2021, Reggio's total operating revenue will be 1.362 billion yuan, an increase of 81.34% over the same period last year. Among them, XR's business revenue will be 980 million yuan, an increase of 139.59% over the same period last year, accounting for more than 70%. According to Jibang Consulting data, in 2021, the global market size of LED display in virtual photography applications will be about 283 million dollars, an annual increase of 136%. This year, the output value of the virtual photography LED display market will grow steadily to $431 million, an annual increase of 52%, and the supply chain is expected to benefit.


The above data shows that the explosion of LED screen+virtual photography in overseas markets is not an overnight event, nor has it experienced ups and downs. The premise of "warming up" is to have experienced "cold winter", but virtual photography does not seem to have experienced a period of depression, but is moving forward in an accelerated mode. The application of LED display screen in virtual photography has a considerable market prospect in the future, and has become a new tentacle for domestic screen enterprises to deeply expand in overseas markets.


The "Abnormal Prosperity" of the Stage Rental Screen Market?


The previous article explained the development process of virtual photography in the overseas market by taking the gain brought by the development of virtual photography in the overseas market as an example. However, it also clearly believed that the global economy was declining, and the high-speed development of a certain field only met the conditions and advantages required for its development. If the global economy did not recover to the ideal development state in a short period of time, a high-speed development field would also be "a flash in the pan".


Recently, the inflation in Europe and the United States has been serious. Under the international trading system dominated by the US dollar, the substantial strength of the US dollar in a few months has had a considerable macroeconomic impact on almost all countries. Based on this economic situation, the views mentioned above are also reasonable.


led movie screen

In fact, not only is it virtual shooting, but its overseas market share in the dance beauty rental screen market has also seen a significant increase this year. Influenced by the epidemic situation in China, most stage performances and concerts have adopted the online mode. The number of stage rental screens used in offline performances has been greatly reduced. In contrast, overseas activities such as offline concerts and music festivals have been carried out frequently, and the market for stage rental screens has become hot again. However, in the market research, some stage rental screen manufacturers revealed that they believed that there was "abnormal prosperity". Previously, due to the epidemic, domestic screen exports declined, and international freight rates rose. The pent up procurement demand in the previous three years concentrated on this year's outbreak, while the overly aggressive "prosperity" had some more unstable and uncertain concerns.



Of course, uncertain concerns also include the unpredictable external environment. At present, the Russian Ukrainian war continues and the European energy crisis intensifies. Energy conservation has become the only way for the European continent to survive this winter. Not long ago, the world-famous Berlin Light Festival in Germany still committed crimes against the wind against the backdrop of energy shortage. It was held as scheduled, and was widely criticized and opposed. Europe will make electricity more accessible to the people, reduce unnecessary electricity use, and ensure the normal life of the people. As a result, LED display, as a non just needed consumer product, has also become a layer of dust in the European market.


Different perceptions of screen enterprises in the same overseas market


There are two main ways for domestic screen enterprises to expand overseas markets. One is to do foreign trade, provide goods to foreign trade companies, and the foreign trade companies will take orders to cooperate with foreign customers to do engineering projects, which is mostly seen in waist screen enterprises; The second is to set up offices abroad to expand distribution channels, stock up and stock up goods. Customers can take goods directly when they need them, which is mostly seen in the head screen enterprises.


Of course, whether the growth of the overseas market is a "flash in the pan" thinking, more exists in small and medium-sized terminal application manufacturers mainly engaged in foreign trade. Maintaining sensitive judgment on the growth of the overseas market in an uncertain environment is a prudent step to stabilize production and operation. Head screen enterprises have made profits mainly in overseas markets this year. According to the performance report of most listed screen enterprises in the first half of this year, LYADE's overseas intelligent display has increased by 41% over the previous year; Lehman Optoelectronics realized an overseas business income of 449 million yuan, up 40.61% year on year; The steady growth of the overall revenue of Zhouming Technology is mainly due to the outstanding performance of overseas business; Abison's overseas market revenue grew by more than 100% year on year in 2021. Supported by comprehensive strength, the head screen enterprises have generally developed better than small and medium-sized enterprises this year. They occupy a large share of the overseas market with their brand advantages, as well as the establishment of offices and expansion of channels abroad.


Therefore, we cannot completely overturn the "false prosperity" of the overseas market of LED display. "The prophet of the spring river" is, to some extent, the prudent judgment of the insiders on the overseas market.


The development of LED display overseas market depends on the development of the global economy, and the recovery of the global economy will also drive the growth of the overseas market. Virtual photography connects the LED display industry and the film and television industry, which is related to the future development of the two industries. It is a trend of the times and is less affected by the external environment. Industry insiders said that in the next two to three years, the global virtual studio market is expected to demand more than 10 billion yuan for LED display. The overseas film and television industry, especially in Europe and the United States, is developed and mature, and this field will continue to grow rapidly. However, the stage rental screen market is mostly affected by the external environment, and there is still some uncertainty in the development of overseas markets. On the whole, LED displays have indeed achieved growth in overseas markets, and whether they are "prosperous" needs more long-term practice.

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