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Company news about LED screen to replace the backboard and floor? Basketball court intelligent transformation LED becomes king

LED screen to replace the backboard and floor? Basketball court intelligent transformation LED becomes king


Latest company news about LED screen to replace the backboard and floor? Basketball court intelligent transformation LED becomes king

Recently, the 2022-2023 NBA season kicked off. The NBA has once again attracted the attention of fans around the world. The LED bucket screen in the center of the stadium displays scores, close-up, playback and other real-time information in an all-round way, which brings a shocking visual experience to the audience and also makes the LED screen shine. With the technological progress of LED display screen, the intelligent stadium began to appear in front of fans and was put into market operation in an orderly manner.


On May 30 this year, FIBA officially announced that it would allow "first class" events such as the Basketball World Cup to use LED courts, and the reform of the courts itself entered a new stage.


Before that, for reasons such as safety and protection of smooth competition, FIBA required that the courts of its "first class" competitions must use wooden floors. However, with the progress of LED glass panel technology, the LED stadium built by German manufacturer ASB has been able to meet the requirements for the venue of the highest level FIBA competitions, and has obtained the permission and authorization of FIBA.


From October 1, FIBA competitions at all levels can start to use the LED stadium developed by ASB. If these LED courses can stand the test of actual combat, this new field may usher in its own strong growth period.


According to media reports, in September this year, Fan Controlled Hoops, a new basketball league controlled by fans, announced that it would start playing in February next year. Fan Controlled Hoops (FCH) is a newly established 4V4 basketball league. Baron Davis, a retired NBA player, and Michele Roberts, a former director general of the NBA Players' Union, serve as strategic advisers for the league. One of the highlights of Fan Controlled Hoops is the use of an interactive LED court, which can display events such as substitutions and data. It can also be combined with the online voting system to enrich the game content. Fans can vote through the league's official app to decide the player list for this week or add special rules in the game, such as extra points for air pickup and half court shooting.

But the biggest highlight of FCH is not the participation of retired NBA players, but the game will be played on an LED court. This LED court is a little smaller than the NBA specification, but it can not only display the replacement and game data on the court, but also connect to the online voting system. Fans can vote through the league's official application to decide which area of the court is lit. Players will be rewarded for scoring in the lit area. Of course, another important function of this LED stadium is to realize brand exposure and other marketing programs on the court according to the needs of advertisers.


FCH has not announced the LED stadium supplier of the league, which may not be known until the start of the game. If FCH can be successfully held, coupled with the application of FIBA's competitions, the LED stadium may have a good opportunity for development if the product quality and competition experience are qualified.


In fact, the exploration of LED display in basketball and other sports has never stopped.

In recent years, China's LED display enterprises have made remarkable achievements in LED stadium screens. China's LED displays can be seen in major sports events such as the football World Cup, the football European Cup, and the NBA. China's LED displays all show their strong strength. Now, the opportunity is coming again. If LED screen enterprises want to seize this opportunity, they must realize technological innovation in software and hardware, and enable new development momentum of LED display with informatization, intelligence and digitalization. Whoever masters the core technology will take the initiative in future technology and market development

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