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Company news about Market analysis of LED transparent display screens

Market analysis of LED transparent display screens


Latest company news about Market analysis of LED transparent display screens

Making LED display screens as transparent as glass, which sounds like a scenario that could only be achieved in science fiction movies, has now become a reality. The use of LED transparent screens with higher light transmittance satisfies consumers' fantasies about black technology. After the epidemic, the attention to LED transparent screens has greatly increased at major LED display exhibitions.


In recent years, more and more LED transparent screens have appeared in offline store windows, building glass curtain walls, large and medium-sized shopping mall atriums, car 4S stores, bars, radio variety shows, car shows, and various celebrity concerts, leading to a continuous increase in market share and customer awareness.


Taking the commercial retail market as an example, LED transparent screens with light, thin, and transparent characteristics are highly popular in the commercial space field. Highlighting and transparency have become a new medium for offline store traffic, while not compromising the design of showcase windows and storefronts. Differentiation and a sense of technology create a better shopping experience.


More and more businesses are choosing LED transparent screens to decorate glass display windows, building curtain walls, large shopping centers, technology exhibition halls, and other scenes. The transparency of the background greatly enhances the sense of technology, making high-end brands such as cars, fashion clothing, and jewelry more fond of transparent screens. Using a 10 square meter LED transparent display screen worth 30000 yuan per piece in a single store, if it penetrates 1% of the market, the scale of LED transparent display screens in the retail market can reach 9 billion yuan.

The growth of the LED transparent display screen market is mainly due to the three impressive sectors in 2023: large-scale entertainment events, bar market, mall atrium, and offline retail.


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transparent led display

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