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Company news about Micro LED Another Blue Ocean! Display giants are seeking market breakthroughs

Micro LED Another Blue Ocean! Display giants are seeking market breakthroughs


Latest company news about Micro LED Another Blue Ocean! Display giants are seeking market breakthroughs

Recently, LG announced plans to first apply the next generation display technology Micro LED to signage, which has commercial advantages in yield and price. This means that the application range of Micro LED will further expand, from the current AR glasses, watches, car displays, TV applications, and is expected to expand on a large scale to commercial display fields such as digital signage!
It is reported that LG has continuously expanded its influence in Micro LED this year, launching multiple Micro LED products, such as Micro LED televisions and conference all-in-one machines, and also purchasing Micro LED related patents. Recently, LG released a resolution of 8K (7680 × 4320) with a 272-inch Micro LED label labeled "LG MAGNIT". This is also the first time LG Electronics has launched an 8K resolution Micro LED product.
The message also states that the price of Micro LED digital signage is four times that of OLED, so it remains to be seen whether it will truly land in the future. It is understood that in addition to LG's application of Micro LED in the field of digital signage, Samsung is also considering applying Micro LED to small-scale advertising signage.
As is well known, Micro LED is known as the ultimate LED display technology, and is highly valued for its absolute advantages such as high brightness, self illumination, infinite splicing, and low energy consumption. It is expected to have a trillion level consumer market demand in the future. However, at present, the cost is high, and stable yield cannot be guaranteed during the massive transfer process. It will take some time before the market truly explodes. LG has announced its application in the field of digital signage, undoubtedly further promoting the commercialization of Micro LEDs. Micro LEDs are also expected to achieve new breakthroughs in small and medium-sized applications, which is of great significance.

Evolution of Digital Signage under Different Display Technologies
Digital signage is a digital display device that, as a brand new media concept, appears in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas, and other public places where people gather. Through large screen terminal display devices, it releases commercial, financial, or entertainment information to people, meeting their audio-visual needs for instant messaging. Some people refer to it as the "fifth media" after paper media, radio, television, and the internet. The main products include interactive electronic whiteboards, LCD and LED splicing screens, commercial televisions, and advertising machines.
According to different technical routes, it can be divided into LCD, LED, OLED, projector, and Micro LED digital signage. At present, LCD digital signage is the majority, and projector products are relatively rare. OLED is competing with LCD and LED, and it is expected that digital signage will develop towards Micro LED technology in the future.
The development of LCD digital signage is very mature and has been widely used indoors. However, due to its inability to self emit and low brightness, its outdoor development is limited, and its price is more affordable compared to other displays. With the arrival of LED technology, especially the maturity and development of small spacing technology, LED has replaced some of the LCD digital signage market. Compared to LCD, its display effect is better.
OLED digital signage has also received many people's attention. It can also self emit light, and the display effect is also good compared to LCD and LED. However, OLED heating and screen burning issues have not been resolved, thus restricting market development.
Now with Micro LED technology, digital signage has once again reached a new peak in technology.
The emergence of Micro LED technology has completely solved the above technical challenges. It can not only achieve thinner and lighter designs, but also provide higher image quality, brightness, and contrast. In addition, Micro LEDs have a longer lifespan and higher power efficiency... and are expected to dominate most of the digital signage market in the future.



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