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Company news about More development opportunities! The Changes Behind the Continuous Growth of LED Screen Virtual Shooting Market

More development opportunities! The Changes Behind the Continuous Growth of LED Screen Virtual Shooting Market


Latest company news about More development opportunities! The Changes Behind the Continuous Growth of LED Screen Virtual Shooting Market

Recently, the film project "Bay Storm", known as the "first domestic XR-LED virtual shooting disaster blockbuster", was officially launched. The significant features of "XR-LED virtual shooting" have attracted special attention from the film and television industry. In fact, the application of LED screen virtual shooting in the film and television industry is not rare. From the successful "Mandalorians" that made virtual shooting popular to the highly scientific virtual shooting lens in Everything Everywhere All at Once, which won the Oscar recently, LED screen virtual shooting has become a new film and television production mode. This year, the market vitality has gradually recovered, various film and television projects have continued to be implemented, and new film and television production models have also been developed more. In this context, what are the developments of LED screen virtual photography this year? What changes will come?
Rapid market growth of new shooting modes
The haze of the 2023 pandemic has dissipated, and many industries are facing new changes in development. Some new models have emerged during the pandemic and are affecting people's lives and work. In the film and television industry, the three years of the epidemic have been known as the cold winter of the film and television industry, but it has further catalyzed the production method of virtual photography. Among them, LED screen virtual photography solves the problems of outdoor shooting and other work content in film and television production, and gives more expressive forms and creative space for shooting content. In recent years, with the continuous progress of LED display screen costs and technology, LED screen virtual shooting is not only limited to large-scale film and television production, but also widely used in advertising, news broadcasting, music production and other fields. xR virtual shooting using LED display screens has gradually become a new shooting mode and has welcomed rapid market growth. According to data, virtual shooting will become the main growth point of the film and television shooting market with a growth rate of over 70% in 2022, and it is predicted that the market size of LED display screen virtual shooting in the future is expected to reach over 6 billion yuan.

Why did LED screens grow so rapidly and successfully attract such high attention? This has to mention the advantages of virtual photography in production. XR virtual filming is a film and television production technology that utilizes LED display screens and content engines to achieve real-time visualization. It can present pre designed 3D digital scenes on the shooting site and simulate real-life shooting. LED virtual photography is essentially a real-time combination of virtual and real light and images in front of the camera. Although virtual space and real space are physically independent of each other, they interact and integrate with each other in terms of light and shadow. The lighting work of LED virtual photography needs to be fast and efficient, in order to provide a good foundation for LED virtual photography.
Compared to traditional green screen production, xR virtual photography has certain advantages in light and shadow effects, post production, scene layout, and other aspects due to the use of LED display screens as the photography background, without the need for image cutting steps, Avoidable green screen production Overflow problem, and when the prop is made of transparent material, the transmitted color and light effect are more natural and realistic. Secondly, in the production process, virtual shooting advances the green screen post production process, greatly reducing the post editing cycle of film and television, and saving post production costs. We believe that with the multiple advantages of xR virtual shooting, and the continuous optimization and upgrading of LED display technology, hardware equipment, software systems, etc., xR virtual shooting is being taken More advantages will be explored, and more related projects are being rapidly built around the world.

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