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Company news about Popular research! How will the future development of LED displays achieve a leap forward?

Popular research! How will the future development of LED displays achieve a leap forward?


Latest company news about Popular research! How will the future development of LED displays achieve a leap forward?

Recently, the Korean Research Institute has manufactured full-color flexible Micro LED devices using blue light LED and perovskite quantum dot color conversion layer technology, successfully achieving a further leap in Micro LED products and creating another breakthrough in the Micro LED display market. So what is the significance of achieving this technological breakthrough for LED displays? What are the perovskites involved in research technology and why have they always been favored by the academic community? Come and take a look together!
Market Boosting Technology Development
In today's society, displays are everywhere, and with the increasing demand for displays in the market, higher requirements have been put forward for display technology. Various display screens with different technologies have also gone through the process of updating and upgrading products. From the initial CRT display, to traditional LCD and LED displays, and then to OLED and Micro LED, the updates and upgrades of display technology have greatly improved the display effect, providing a more convenient and effective window for people to obtain external information. MicroLED, with its powerful advantages, is increasingly receiving attention from the industry. Micro LED has the advantages of low working voltage, high luminous efficiency, fast response speed, stable and reliable performance, and wide working temperature range. It has important application requirements in small and medium-sized display devices such as televisions, computers, micro projectors, maskless lithography, mobile phones, watches, AR, VR, etc.

To achieve this challenge at the technical level, multiple tests are required. The technical route scheme of combining blue light Micro LED with quantum dot color conversion array is adopted in South Korea's current research. The preparation process of blue light Micro LED is mature and the cost is relatively low. Quantum dot color conversion technology only requires the overall manufacturing of a blue light Micro LED display with extremely high pixel density. By using a patterned quantum dot color conversion array to convert some of its blue pixels into red and green, full color display can be achieved. In addition to this technology, there are other attempts in the preparation of full color Micro LEDs, including the new manufacturing technology project for ultra small RGB stack layers in South Korea in 2021, and the active matrix CMOS backplane drive technology for full color micro displays produced by Silicon Valley manufacturers in the United States. And this also fully demonstrates the continuous progress in technology of full color Micro LEDs, and people's expectations for them.

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