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Company news about See the world together with LED displays

See the world together with LED displays


Latest company news about See the world together with LED displays

The world-class rock band U2, who has won 22 Grammy trophies, premiered at the new landmark MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. The large spherical images inside the venue showed the audience a full screen of angels, bringing a brand new audio-visual feast. The performance was filled with a sense of technology, attracting the attention of global netizens and making it a hot search during this year's National Day. Netizens expressed how shocking it would be if they could watch the performance live.

The MSG Sphere is known as a "full screen" building, with a construction cost of up to $1.8 billion. Inside, it is a huge ball screen theater that can accommodate over 18000 spectators and provide immersive experiences, art exhibitions, concerts, award ceremonies, product launches, sports events, and other types of activities.

It has the world's largest LED screen, with a 10m diameter circular screen on the upper level of the central stage and a 14m * 14m square three-dimensional screen on the lower level. The perfect combination of the two provides an immersive experience for the stage. The LED screen of this sphere is named Exosphere, which will play an important role in architecture. The LED screen covers an area of over 3 football fields, surrounding the stage, above the stage, and behind the stage, providing viewers with a fully immersive experience 100 times clearer than today's high-definition televisions.


How to achieve a perfect combination of practicality and artistry in the LED screen design of venues, organically integrating user aesthetics and user experience, so as to further attract more attention and understanding of performances, MSG Sphere undoubtedly provides an effective and outstanding classic case for more LED screen designs.


led sphere display

led sphere display

led sphere display

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