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Company news about Small-pitch LED display becomes mainstream

Small-pitch LED display becomes mainstream


Latest company news about Small-pitch LED display becomes mainstream

Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of small-pitch LED display technology, the commercial display application market is also embracing small-pitch LED display. For the ultra-high definition small-pitch LED display screen, the smaller the dot pitch, the easier it is to meet the display requirements of 4K and 8K full HD resolution of the market display terminal, and the display effect can also ensure that the audience has no graininess when watching for a long time at close range, and the visual enjoyment is more comfortable. Therefore, the small-pitch LED display has become the mainstream in this field. Industry insiders say that small-pitch products have experienced innovation → diversification → standardization → scale, and their cost and price have been gradually reduced, entering the price order of magnitude of LCD screen, which has the opportunity to replace the market share of LCD screen and enhance the penetration rate of small-pitch LED display. It is reported that from the industry point of view, TrendForce Jibang data show that in 2021, the market demand for LED display increased significantly, with a global scale of 6.8 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 23% year-on-year, of which the market scale of small-pitch LED display is about 3.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 40% year-on-year. According to the analysis of TrendForce report, the sales volume of channel LED display has increased significantly in the past two years. With the release of Mini LED-related terminal application products by Samsung, Apple and other manufacturers, the trend of Mini LED Mini LED is clear and the commercialization process is accelerating, and it is expected to compete directly with OLED in the field of display. It is understood that after the development of Micro LED display technology, its product application forms and scenarios are constantly enriched, showing advantages in the XR market, small-size Micro LED display devices, medium-size and large-size display applications and other scenarios. Some analysts say that it is certain that the new era of micro-display has come, thanks to the small-pitch LED products entering the most cost-effective stage, the breakthrough of Mini/Micro new technology has brought about a new cycle of industry development.

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