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Company news about TBC LED 500m ² LED ultra clear screen creates a new trendy commercial landmark in Beijing!

TBC LED 500m ² LED ultra clear screen creates a new trendy commercial landmark in Beijing!


Latest company news about TBC LED 500m ² LED ultra clear screen creates a new trendy commercial landmark in Beijing!

As a trendsetter and commercial hub, the Beijing Sanlitun commercial district has recently upgraded again! LED outdoor ultra clear large screen matrix (with a total area of over 500m) created by TBC LED for T+MALL at Tongying Center ²) Officially lit up, injecting new vitality into the Sanlitun commercial district and attracting many citizens to stop and check in.

The renovation of spatial scenes is a major highlight of the T+MALL renovation, renovation, and opening. Combining spatial scenes with creative content to give urban spaces more readability and a sense of story, forming rich and layered scene power. Therefore, T+MALL has created a national urban landmark outdoor media matrix at the north entrance representing the main image of the project, and has become the first shopping mall in Beijing to have three outdoor screens, forming a highly personalized and fashionable urbanization label.

This time, the new landmark media matrix created by TBC LED for T+MALL consists of three ultra high definition LED screens combined to achieve point-to-point display, restoring clear and delicate images and sharp text edges for display; High contrast, high color saturation, brighter colors on the screen, and more realistic image effects; The packaging method of integrated modules ensures high smoothness of the image while also being more environmentally friendly.
Unlike typical outdoor display screens, TBC LED designed a "multi screen linkage" system for this media matrix from the beginning. The entire set of screens is equipped with professional video playback control software developed by TBC LED, which can simultaneously decode and play various materials in different formats, achieving multiple display modes such as split screen, irregular splicing, and combination of multiple screens; At the same time, the system also supports features such as multiple layers, multiple scenes, and seamless switching, which can greatly meet the application requirements of T+MALL outdoor multi screen linkage video playback control in Tongying Center.
According to statistics, since these three LED display screens were put into use, the passenger flow in Sanlitun, especially the passenger flow of T+MALL in Tongying Center, has significantly increased. In recent years, outdoor screens in major commercial districts across the country have frequently become popular, with their landmark and internet celebrity attributes becoming stronger and stronger. This is a reflection of urban vitality, as well as an important part of urban marketing and promoting cultural tourism.
This time, the cooperation between Sanlitun and Liyade is undoubtedly a win-win choice. For Sanlitun, it not only provides a cool display platform for brand promotion and event promotion, but also brings more foot traffic and business opportunities to the commercial district.
As night falls, people stop in front of the huge circular screen to watch, and this set of LED screens has become an indispensable part of the Sanlitun Tongying Center. As a global leader in visual effects technology, TBC LED will use these screens to bring viewers a more diverse and refreshing visual experience, helping commercial districts create more classic landmarks and stimulate commercial vitality.




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