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Company news about TBC LED Helps Jiayuguan Digital and Guancheng Construction Projects

TBC LED Helps Jiayuguan Digital and Guancheng Construction Projects


Latest company news about TBC LED Helps Jiayuguan Digital and Guancheng Construction Projects

Currently, the digital film and television screen market is facing a huge wave of innovation. High resolution, HDR technology, curved screens, and other technologies are continuously driving the improvement of viewing experience, leading the industry towards a more realistic and immersive future development. LED display technology is emerging, injecting stronger visual impact into digital display screens. In the context of the prosperous development of digital technology, the development of digital film and television screens is gradually occupying a larger market. It is worth noting that the "Digital Gate City Construction Project" in Jiayuguan City has been promoted and implemented, and TBC LED business has successfully created a fascinating "immersive digital film and television hall" through its unique LED display screen technology, injecting strong momentum into the digital transformation and construction of the city

Multiple application scenarios assist in digital media construction
TBC LED business has successfully created an immersive digital film and television LED display screen in the digital and gateway construction project in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, helping to promote the development of urban digital media. As the core part of this project, the 98 ㎡ LED display screen provided by BOE MLED business showcases a dazzling and immersive display effect. The LED display screen, composed of an arc-shaped facade and a circular plane, not only adds a sense of hierarchy to the space, but also cleverly constructs an arc-shaped glass "pier" above the plane, perfectly integrating with the facade. When watching the video from the perspective of the bridge deck, the audience can feel a strong "immersion" experience, as if they are in a situational scene.

At the same time, TBC LED business has also created 320 ㎡ LED arc display screen for the Tourist Service Center of the Great Wall Museum of the the Belt and Road in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province. Through the perfect combination of modules, it presents the technological texture of the screen. The curved display screen not only has a wider viewing angle, making the viewing effect better, but also reduces the overall space occupied. The curved screen of the museum visitor service center not only meets the requirements of clear display, but also reflects the perfect integration with the scene in the design.

TBC LED SMD BTQ product used in this project has advantages such as high contrast, convenient maintenance of single lamp and single point. This not only ensures clear and high-quality visual effects, but also enables the product to meet the customized needs of customers according to different application scenarios. From immersive digital video LED screens to the tourist service center of the the Belt and Road Great Wall Museum, TBC LED business provides a variety of screen forms and excellent adaptation solutions for various scenes. By contributing to the construction of digital cities, BOE MLED helps cities move towards the digital age and injects new impetus into urban development.
TBC LED business will continue to adhere to the concept of technological innovation and user experience first, committed to providing high-quality solutions for digital media construction in more cities. With the support of TBC LED business, the digital gateway construction project in Jiayuguan has become a beautiful business card for digital city construction, and has also set a model for the construction of multiple application scenarios for digital media. We look forward to the future and working with partners to create more possibilities for digital screens.

indoor hd led video wall

indoor hd led video wall


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