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Company news about The 2022 rental screen set off an overseas storm, and the 2023 performance market started well. Can the rental screen remain popular?

The 2022 rental screen set off an overseas storm, and the 2023 performance market started well. Can the rental screen remain popular?


Latest company news about The 2022 rental screen set off an overseas storm, and the 2023 performance market started well. Can the rental screen remain popular?

The epidemic that lasted for three years has deeply affected thousands of industries, and we have to lament the "cold winter". For the LED display screen industry, the domestic market demand will be weak in 2022, and the overseas market demand will rise sharply, especially the concentration of the overseas performance market, which will make the LED rental screen in the overseas market more attractive. Since the implementation of the new policy on the epidemic, the performing arts market has sprung up during the Spring Festival. All kinds of offline performances that have been dormant and shelved in the past have been put on the agenda. Theaters, concerts, music festivals, and Live House have ushered in a long suppressed outbreak period. Will LED rental screens continue to be "red" in the domestic market?
LED rental screen under the influence of epidemic situation
Both domestic and foreign markets
LED rental screen has always been a relatively active field in the LED display screen industry, especially after the long scroll of LED screen traditional Chinese painting presented in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the LED rental display screen market has ushered in rapid development for many years in a row, and the scale of the rental market has been expanding. The main application fields have gradually expanded from large-scale theatrical performances, major sports events to high-end conferences, large-scale exhibitions and other commercial markets. And with the continuous improvement of small spacing technology, the rental screen market is expanding to more areas. However, the impact of the epidemic in the past three years has led to the development trend of LED rental screens in different market environments in recent years.
In the past three years, affected by the severe situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the number of people in most public places in China has been strictly controlled, and the performance market has declined. According to the survey data released by the China Performance Industry Association in March 2022, more than 4000 performances have been cancelled or postponed during the period from mid-February to mid-March 2022, and about 80% of the projects will be suspended or postponed in late March. The cancellation of these performances also means that the demand for a large number of LED rental screens used in dance beauty construction is facing a "diving" decline.
Foreign market
The foreign market is also closely related to the foreign epidemic prevention and control policy. Since 2022, the foreign epidemic prevention and control has been gradually relaxed, the performance market has shown a retaliatory recovery, and the demand for rental screens has also gradually increased. According to the data of Billboard Boxscore, from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022, the total box office of the top ten overseas tour was 2.2 billion dollars, 36% higher than that of 2019, It is more than four times the box office of US $519 million in 2021 restricted by the epidemic. It can be seen that in this year, the explosion of overseas performance market has brought unprecedented market demand for LED rental screens in China.
According to customs statistics, from January to December 2022, the export of domestic LED display reached 1.617 billion US dollars (about 10.902 billion yuan), a significant increase of 37.15% over 2021. According to the 2022 annual report of each listed company, the overseas market performance accounted for a large proportion. When visiting LED screen companies, several screen companies said to Huicong LED screen network that the order performance of many manufacturers engaged in the overseas market of LED rental screens increased rapidly in 2022, which formed a sharp contrast with other screen companies engaged in the domestic market.
According to the above data, the domestic LED rental screen market is not optimistic in 2022, while the foreign market is benefited from the great recovery of its performance market.
In 2023, the domestic performance market started well and the rental screen market opened up
In 2023, the domestic performance market ushered in an earlier spring than in the sense of meteorology.
According to the box office data of major ticketing platforms, the China Performance Industry Association estimated that there were more than 9400 national commercial performances during the Spring Festival holiday in 2023, an increase of 40.92% compared with 2022 and 22.5% compared with 2019; The box office revenue was 378 million yuan, up 3.85% year on year from 2022. The number of audience was 3.238 million, up 5.56% year on year from 2022. Both the box office and the number of audience recovered to about 80% in 2019.
The implementation of the new epidemic policy has brought the most direct impact on the performance market. In 2023, the number of tourist trips during the Spring Festival increased by 23.1% year on year. The national tourism market accelerated to recover, and the number of tourist performances and performers also increased significantly compared with the same period in 2022.
The recovery of the performance market has driven the consumer market one after another. The recovery of the domestic market is imminent. At the same time, the LED rental screen has also been "exposed" in foreign exhibitions.
At the four-day ISE2023, domestic screen companies competed to display new products and the latest technology, and some companies also exhibited stage rental screen solutions, such as the outdoor rental application COB of Lianjian Optoelectronics, and the super energy series outdoor large screen of Shijue Guangxu, which has 70% high transparency and a maximum brightness of 4000nits, and can present excellent stage visual effects under different light conditions.
It can be seen that after the adjustment of the new policy of the epidemic, the rental screen ushered in the prosperity of the domestic and international market in 2023. Although some people believe that there is a "retaliatory" growth in the market, we can still foresee that as long as the performance market grows, LED rental screens will still become a major driving force to revitalize the current LED display market.

stage rental led display p3.91mm

stage rental led display p3.91mm

stage rental led display p3.91mm

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