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Company news about The popularization process of LED movie screen is expected to speed up

The popularization process of LED movie screen is expected to speed up


Latest company news about The popularization process of LED movie screen is expected to speed up


LED movie screen is a new hot spot in the cinema market in recent years. With the efforts of the market and screen enterprises, the popularity of LED movie screens is accelerating. In fact, LED movie screen is not so much a technical concept as an application-level concept. Why do you say that? Because the birth of LED movie screen, on the one hand, depends on the progress of LED display technology, that is, the gradual reduction of pixel spacing, as well as the solution of technical problems such as low brightness and high gray to adapt to indoor display, so that LED screen can display 2K, 4K, 8K and other high-definition, ultra-high-definition content, and there will be no graininess and discomfort when watching at a distance. In essence, from a technical point of view, LED movie screen is not a unique existence, but a branch of the evolution of LED screen for the application of the cinema market segment. The more important reason for leading the led screen into the cinema is actually the standard problem, which is known as DCI. As a rule formulated by a few giants, without this certification, there is no license to enter the market. So, in the final analysis, at the technical level, in fact, the led screen has long been ready, only this is a stepping stone. However, as you can see, in recent years, many display enterprises at home and abroad, especially led screen enterprises in China, have made great efforts in DCI certification. At present, many screen enterprises such as Zhouming, Altai and Huanyu Lanbo have won the certification. With the follow-up of screen enterprises, it is believed that DCI will no longer be an obstacle. In fact, the initial "landing" stage of LED movie screen has been basically completed. At this stage, the domestic projects that really use led screens in commercial cinemas are still very limited, and the completed projects are mostly of demonstration and experimental significance. Now in 2022, the application of LED movie screen seems to have entered a period of steady acceleration, even under the influence of repeated epidemics in the first half of the year, it still failed to stop the progress of related projects. Just a few days ago, a number of screen companies disclosed relevant information on the investment interactive platform. For example, Zhouming Science and Technology not only revealed that some of the pictures of the popular American TV series "Dragon Family" were shot by V Stage virtual studio built by Warner Brothers subsidiary Redio LED. In addition, in terms of commercial application, on July 1, 2021, the LED film projection system jointly developed by the company and the China Film Science and Technology Research Institute was applied in the Beiao Film City of China Film, which was dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the Communist Party of China and became the first domestic LED film projection hall case in China. In addition, as of August 31 this year, the company has won the LED cinema screen projects of Shanghai International Media Port and Hualong Film Digital Production Co., Ltd. and will complete the LED cinema screen of Zhouming in these two places. Liade said that the company jointly developed 14 m-P3.3mm-4K (area 101 m2) film screen with LG Electronics in 2018 and passed DCI certification in 2019. At present, this type of movie screen has been used in cinemas in the United States and Taiwan, China, and will be used in a landmark building in mainland China in the near future. In 2022, the 10m-P2.5mm-4K (area of 55 m2) DCI screen will be launched. Recently, 10 orders have been received for this type of movie screen, which will be installed and used worldwide. If we say that the LED movie screen in the past two years is still testing the water in small steps, then today's LED movie screen has entered a period of accelerated popularization of a large number of "orders", and at the same time, it extends to the upstream of the industrial chain. In the second half of the year, professionals in many consumer-related industries believe that domestic consumption is expected to recover steadily, which will help the application of LED cinemas.

led movie screen

led movie screen

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