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What application scenarios have been occupied by the rise of indoor LED "big display" from the live broadcast Conference

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What application scenarios have been occupied by the rise of indoor LED "big display" from the live broadcast Conference
Latest company news about What application scenarios have been occupied by the rise of indoor LED "big display" from the live broadcast Conference
In fact, strictly speaking, the development of LED indoor display screen market is closely related to the development of small spacing technology. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opened the era of large-area application of LED display, and LED display entered the indoor scene after the small spacing technology gradually matured and stabilized. From 2012 to 2017, led small spacing was applied to the ground, and the spacing technology gradually matured, entering a period of vigorous development. During this period, the small spacing products competed with other large indoor display products such as LCD splicing screen and DLP splicing screen in the indoor display market with the advantages of seamless splicing, flexible display area, high brightness, low consumption and high contrast. Although the LED display at this stage has obvious advantages, due to the factors that are affected by the distance between LED display beads in terms of image quality and resolution, it is "back and forth" with LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen and other display products in the indoor market. With the gradual development of LED display technology, the dot spacing of LED small spacing products is gradually reduced, and the resolution of display screen image quality is gradually catching up with and surpassing that of LCD products. The field of indoor large screen display has become the favorite of indoor display application scenarios.
The first LED display products should be introduced into the security market and the application market of the security monitoring center. With the great technical improvements in the graininess of the picture viewed at a close distance and the comfort of watching for a long time, the rapid breakthroughs in the display technologies such as small spacing, high density, low brightness and high gray have made the LED display closer to people again, which has also made more display application markets open to LED display, and LED display has entered the application scenarios such as conference center, education field and even radio and television field. With the advantages of LED display in display creativity and content display, as well as the cost reduction after mature technology development, LED display plays a role in many indoor scenes with its own advantages of strong visual impact, excellent performance, flexible advertising forms and low cost per thousand people. It gradually integrates into many scenes such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed railways, subways, cinemas, exhibitions and exhibition halls, playing a flexible and Product advantages of super large display.
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