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Company news about Where is the new growth point of LED display?

Where is the new growth point of LED display?


Latest company news about Where is the new growth point of LED display?

What are the growth points of LED display in the future?
Recently, the Qatar World Cup has brought the LED display to the forefront again, making the overseas market hot; The adjustment of epidemic prevention policy has also enabled the domestic market to seize the tail of 2022.
However, the Qatar World Cup is only a short-term event. For the excellence of the overseas market in 2022, many industry people cannot help worrying about the changes in 2023 and the changes in the future demand momentum.
Riyadh said that in recent years, such as the World Cup, the centennial of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the Winter Olympics and other large-scale events or events will have a certain impact on the company's performance, but the influence of a single project is very limited compared with Riyadh itself. Therefore, whether overseas or domestic, the performance is mainly accumulated through regular direct sales or orders from channel customers.
Liad believed that the demand of LED display industry was relatively strong last year, because the recovery of the epidemic and the rise in the cost performance of some new products opened up the market demand. This year should have continued the trend of last year, but this year in China, especially in the middle and high-end markets facing our direct sales, it was mainly obtained through government bidding, which led to travel restrictions, and many of these projects could not be carried out normally, So some demand is suppressed; If the control measures are relatively loose in the future, the demand rebounds, and the new technology brings about a decline in product prices, the entire industry will have a relatively large recovery.
The second increase in demand, Liad said, comes from the domestic sinking market. Last year, the development of small pitch products in the sinking market has just started, and this year is also significantly affected by the control policy. If it can be stabilized later, it is expected that there will be an increase.
The third is the development of new markets. LYADE introduced that its products in cooperation with LG passed the DCI certification in 2019, and LG led the promotion of LED film screens in overseas cinema markets. In October, LYADE LED film screens also passed the DCI certification, which means that we can use our own brand to layout the cinema market globally in the future.
For overseas, this year has entered a relatively normal growth trajectory. The new growth point in the future may be the overseas promotion of new products such as Micro LED. In addition, there are more and more applications and displays of virtual photography or meta universe in different fields. Judging from the cultural tourism night tour of Liad itself and many projects in the virtual reality sector, this part will also bring new market space.
In this regard, Zhouming Technology also said that at present, the demand in foreign markets is released due to the normalization of the epidemic situation, and the order situation is good.
Although the domestic market was affected by the epidemic in the early stage, the release of demand was temporarily delayed, reducing the growth base of next year. But in the long run, the country will pay more attention to manufacturing power, digital power and spiritual and cultural construction in the future. As a high-end manufacturing industry and a digital human-computer interaction platform, LED display will have a broad market space in the future.
At the same time, Liu Jun, Vice President of Zhouming Group, predicted at the annual meeting of experts that the cultural and tourism industry would have a very big market opportunity next year, and Zhouming Technology had already made a layout by taking advantage of the advantages of light display integration.
With the overseas market gradually coming out of the haze, the global exhibition process is also rapidly restarted. Abison said that in 2022, the company will participate in exhibitions in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other places for many times, and show new products, new technologies and solutions to global customers in the form of online marketing.
With the comprehensive recovery of overseas markets, Abison's international market business grew rapidly during the reporting period. The company seized the opportunity of demand recovery in some overseas markets, continued to increase strategic investment in key areas and markets, increased staff travel, vigorously built local channels to carry out business, and achieved rapid recovery of business in overseas markets.
After years of development, the LED display industry has shifted from the initial extensive price competition to the comprehensive strength competition represented by capital and technology. The decisive factors of enterprise comprehensive strength and brand competition have been gradually strengthened. The comparative advantages of LED head manufacturers and small and medium-sized manufacturers have become more prominent. The industrial concentration has further accelerated, and the industry clearing has intensified.
However, it is worth noting that the LED display industry's exploration of new markets and innovation of new technologies in 2022 have brought the industry to a new stage. In the context of the gradual recovery of offline consumption scenarios, we should not only seize opportunities to maintain growth, but also bring more innovation in new opportunities.

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