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Company news about Who is half a body ahead in the Micro LED market?

Who is half a body ahead in the Micro LED market?


Latest company news about Who is half a body ahead in the Micro LED market?

A number of TV products have come out and prices continue to drop, the layout of the whole process production line has been accelerated, Chinese enterprises have transferred huge amounts of equipment to achieve mass production and delivery, and several related semiconductor enterprises have obtained considerable financing.. This year's Micro LED industry chain is particularly lively, and manufacturers are running at full speed. Industry insiders predict that Micro LED can become a model industry to drive internal circulation and supply-side reform. From the point of view of each link of the industry chain, Samsung and LG terminals in Korea have made remarkable efforts, Liade and Lehman terminal products in China have entered the consumer general market, and Konka and Tianma have accelerated the layout of the whole Micro LED industry chain. It remains to be seen who will take the lead. Micro LED TV Price "Half" Micro LED is recognized as the next generation display technology because its performance index is superior to the current display technology, and it can be innovatively applied to many scenes such as vehicle display, AR/VR near-eye display and so on. As early as 2018, Samsung launched THE WALL, THE world's first super-large Micro LED TV, which raised the expectations of the outside world for Micro LED consumer TV. However, due to technical and cost problems, it was not until this year that Micro LED TV products began to be launched frequently, and the price was also loosened. Samsung, which has always been ahead in the field of Micro LED TV, has previously launched Micro LED TV with a price of more than 100 inches and a price of more than 1 million yuan. The price of its new 89-inch and 110-inch Micro led TV released in August this year was 749999 yuan and 1049999 yuan respectively, and finally dropped below one million yuan. According to Samsung Electronics, the most important change in the new Micro LED TV is the use of a new manufacturing process. In the past, Micro LED chips needed to be installed on PCB circuit boards one by one, and each chip had to be positioned and installed. The manufacturing process was very cumbersome, so it was difficult to reduce the cost. The new Micro LED TV is manufactured more efficiently by installing multiple chips on the TFT circuit at one time through the beam laser. In South Korea, the application of MicroLED technology in TV is mainly driven by Samsung, and this year LG began to work hard. LG announced at CES 2022 that it would produce the first large Micro LED TVs, which it said would go on sale later this year. At the end of September, LG Electronics demonstrated its 136-inch MAGNIT 4K Micro LED TV at the CEDIA 2022 Home Technology Expo in the United States, using a 0.7mm pitch Micro LED display module with a brightness of 2000 nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It is equipped with LG Alpha 9 AI enhanced processor and webOS smart TV platform, providing home theater, digital art and entertainment experience. In July this year, Austrian TV brand C Seed released a new Micro LED folding TV N1 series, including 103 inches, 137 inches and 165 inches, priced from 1.28 million yuan.

Despite the adoption of new technology and the continuous expansion of performance and use scenarios, the price of millions of yuan makes these Micro LED TVs still "unattainable" for ordinary consumers. In contrast, the price of Micro LED products of domestic enterprises is much closer to the people. In June this year, Liade released the Black Diamond series of Micro LED display products, using Micro LED full flip chip and packaging technology, and the lowest price of TV products over 100 inches exceeded 500,000 yuan, laying the foundation for Micro LED to enter the TOC market. In September last year, Lehman Optoelectronics released a new consumer product, the Micro LED Private Giant Screen Cinema 4K flagship 138-inch series, with a starting price of 499,999 yuan. It can be seen that although it is much more expensive than other types of 100-inch TV with tens of thousands of yuan, the price of the latest Micro LED TV products of Chinese brands is only half that of Korean manufacturers. Liade Group told reporters that at present, the company has successfully overcome the bottleneck of huge transfer cost of products below micro-pitch P1.0, launched Micro LED display products with high cost performance, pushed Micro LED product line from high-end applications to Pratt & Whitney market (micro-pitch to small pitch, indoor to outdoor), and achieved comprehensive coverage of products. Industry insiders pointed out that in the future, with the joint efforts of Chinese and Korean manufacturers to actively lower the price of Micro LED TV to the mainstream consumption range, it will inevitably cause some people to "taste fresh", or will form an effective supplement to laser TV and large-size LCD products. It will also stimulate other brands to jointly push 100-inch Micro LED TV into a new market node. Qiu Yubin, deputy general manager of TrendForce Jibang Science and Technology Research Department, told reporters that Micro LED large-scale displays will move towards the home theatre level and high-level commercial display market, and the development of Micro LED large-scale displays will enter a peak period from 2026 to 2030.

micro led tv mini led display

micro led tv mini led display

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