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Company news about Why are new displays frequently receiving attention from local policies?

Why are new displays frequently receiving attention from local policies?


Latest company news about Why are new displays frequently receiving attention from local policies?

With the development of the LED display screen industry, more and more new technologies and solutions are being applied, and new displays are receiving attention. In recent years, China's new display industry has maintained a high-speed growth trend, and the revenue scale of the industry has repeatedly reached new highs. At the same time, new displays have also become a hot topic in many key special policies in 2023, with new displays appearing in key projects in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Anhui, and other places. So what exactly is the new display? Why do various regions actively layout new displays and list them as annual key projects? Let's take a look together now!
The rapidly developing new display industry
The new display industry is one of the main sub sectors of the new generation of information technology industry. It is a fundamental, strategic, and leading industry, and is also considered a key field of the digital economy. In recent years, the development of new displays has shown a rapid growth trend. According to data statistics, the total investment in the new display industry in China has exceeded 170 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in related application materials, project construction, infrastructure construction, and other aspects, integrating the development of various fields such as electronic consumption, cultural creativity, and smart healthcare. It can be said that new displays have received widespread attention in multiple fields and levels.
Why can new displays develop so rapidly? Looking back at the development history of display technology, flat panel displays have gradually replaced traditional display color display tube technology. With the progress of thin film transistors and electroluminescence technology, displays are moving towards higher definition and diversification. Scientific researchers in the display field are constantly expanding their marginal extension, introducing new display technologies such as laser display, quantum display, and graphene display, greatly enriching the technology matrix. The new type of display is an important port for information display carriers and human-computer interaction in the digital economy era. The "dual core+diversified" display technology development pattern, led by LCD and OLED, with multiple display technologies developing simultaneously, is accelerating to form. In the field of LED display screens, new displays mainly involve small pitch LED screens, Mini LEDs, Micro LEDs, irregular screens, etc., and combine with high-tech technologies such as 5G technology, VR virtual photography, and naked eye 3D to form a new development trend.
The new display industry in China is developing rapidly, showing a trend of gradually improving the industrial chain and increasing agglomeration development. Currently, the industrial cluster has preliminarily formed an industrial development pattern in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta region, the southeast coastal areas, and the central and western regions. Governments across the country have successively introduced policies to support the development of the new display industry. At the policy level, the international collaboration of the new display industry chain is steadily strengthening, the allocation of all factors is continuously optimized, and the internationalization level of the industrial chain supply chain is continuously improving. Various regions have taken active measures in this regard, including implementing the "bright screen" project, building a leading demonstration zone for new display innovation industries in China, and building a relatively complete industrial chain from display specialized materials to panel manufacturing to downstream terminal applications. They actively create an industrial ecosystem that integrates "core screen end software intelligent network", and continue to promote the integration and development of new displays with intelligent terminals, integrated circuits, software information and other industries, Multiple major display panel projects have been completed and put into production.

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