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Company news about Why does the 50 billion traditional LED display industry support dozens of major "brands"?

Why does the 50 billion traditional LED display industry support dozens of major "brands"?


Latest company news about Why does the 50 billion traditional LED display industry support dozens of major

According to the statistics of the LED Display World database, the sales volume of LED display will reach 44 billion yuan in 2021, which has recovered to the level of 2019. This year, the market size of LED display industry is expected to reach 50 billion yuan next year. By the end of October 2022, LED display enterprises such as Lyad, Zhouming Technology, Abison, Lehman Optoelectronics, Lianjian Optoelectronics and Alto Electronics have successively disclosed the third quarter report of 2022. In the third quarter, there were two LED display enterprises with a revenue of more than 1 billion, namely, Liad and Zhouming Technology.
With the increasing recognition of LED display, its application scope has gradually expanded and began to penetrate into other commercial display fields. Why do hundreds of billion level enterprises such as security, panel, PC, TV and so on cross border into the LED display industry? Can the market scale of 50 billion LED display support the development strategy of 100 billion factories?
Security, panel, PC, TV and other large factories have entered the LED display industry
LED display screen has shown great advantages and development potential in the security field. In the security field, the small pitch LED display occupies the largest market share with its advantages of high-definition seamless splicing. The security field has always been the key field of LED display application. In recent years, leading enterprises in the security industry, such as Hikvision and Dahua, have cross-border entered the LED display application field. On the one hand, it adds new blood to the industry and promotes the technological innovation of LED display industry. On the other hand, it also brings some pressure to traditional LED display enterprises. The security industry giant has obvious advantages in system integration resources.
Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Konka and other TV giants performed well
Recently, Hisense Video became the main shareholder of Xerox and became its largest shareholder, which indicates that Hisense's new display industry of video layout has entered a fast lane. In fact, Hisense has a company dedicated to the commercial display field - Hisense Commercial Display. After several years of layout, Hisense Commercial Display has a complete LED product line. Its products include Micro LED all-in-one machine, small pitch LED all-in-one machine, COB small pitch LED, LED modules, etc.
As the industry dark horse in the business display field, Skyworth Commercial has entered the business display field for nearly two years, rapidly formed four product categories: Swaiot PROTV smart commercial TV, Swaiot BOARD full scene smart screen, Swaiot SIGNAGE smart digital notice, Swaiot WALL urban smart cloud wall. Aiming at the non-standard bottleneck of LED display products, Skyworth launched Swaiot BOARD LED all-in-one machine to promote the industry standardization trend.
TCL started the research and development of Mini LED as early as 2017. With its five-year industrial layout and three strong technical iterations, TCL has made good achievements in the global Mini LED TV market, both in terms of its technical strength and its performance in the market.
Konka One Vision, a subsidiary of Konka Group, has set foot in the LED display industry as early as 2014. Its main products include small pitch products, internal and external fixed screens, rental products, pole screens, floor screens, counter electronic screens, court screens, etc. In the field of new display, Chongqing Konka is actively promoting industrialization. A full process batch production line for Micro LED has been built. Mini LED chips have mass production capacity, and Micro LED chips are beginning to enter the mass production stage.
BOE, TCL Huaxing, Huike, Youda, Qunchuang, Longteng Optoelectronics and other well-known domestic display panel manufacturers have laid out new display fields. BOE's acquisition of Huacan is to open up the LED display supply chain. Panel manufacturers use integrated display technology to accelerate the industrialization and mass production of Mini/Micro LED new display technology, make up for their own display technology deficiencies, and enjoy the market dividends brought by industrialization.
Compared with the large factories with a market value of 100 billion yuan or even trillion yuan, the market size of the LED display industry of 50 billion yuan is really unable to support the "appetite" of dozens of big "brands". Why are big factories keen to enter the LED display industry?
In fact, cross-border giants are more optimistic about the trillion scale micro LED new display market in the future. In the small and medium-sized application market, Micro LED new display is known as the ultimate new display product after CRT, PDP, LCD and OLED. When the mass production technology of Micro LED is mature and the cost drops to a certain extent, it is expected to gradually replace LCD and become the first choice in the large small and medium-sized display application market.
COB, MIP and other packaging technologies are the best choice for Micro LED to achieve mass production. On the eve of commercialization of Micro LED, the layout of Mini LED direct display products and medium and large size applications is a technology accumulation and market strategy for large manufacturers.
Of course, both the traditional LED display application market and the new display application market are welcoming new development opportunities. As the demand for LED displays warms up in the later stage of the epidemic, the demand for LED displays will gradually warm up, benefiting from the technological upgrading of 5G, 4K/8K ultra-high definition displays, and the rapid growth of the small pitch/micro pitch LED display market will bring new opportunities for the development of the LED industry.
Under the tide of global digitalization and IoT, changes in user use scenarios and application requirements have brought opportunities for product innovation and new incremental space for the market. In particular, the demand of Mini/Micro LED and other market segments has good growth potential. Driven by the "Apples", the gradually mature industrial chain and complete technology accumulation are accelerating the large-scale implementation of Mini/Micro LED applications.
Large enterprises enter the LED display market cross-border mainly through integration and acquisition, which is both competition and cooperation.
The display technology field is facing huge changes. New display technologies represented by Mini/Micro LED are widely viewed as promising. Major display manufacturers and cross-border capital spare no effort to layout the Mini/Micro LED display industry.
Through merger and reorganization or cooperation with display giants, they have actively engaged in the production and research and development of LED displays. Large investments are frequent and will continue to increase. The R&D boom will start, and a large number of new technological achievements will be produced. At this stage, it is the golden age for investment in development, which has gradually raised the threshold for entry into LED displays, making the industry more competitive, especially for small and medium-sized LED display enterprises; On the other hand, the investment in LED display technology by large factories will also promote the development of emerging LED display technologies. The application scenarios of LED display products will continue to expand, perhaps opening up new market increments.
It is worth mentioning that large enterprises have crossed into the LED display industry, which has impacted the production structure of the traditional LED manufacturing industry. The boundaries between upstream, middle and downstream have been blurred in the past, and this change has had a huge impact on the LED manufacturing industry. With the maturity of LED display industry technology, its application scope continues to expand, and its prospects become wider and wider, attracting many other industries to cross the border. On the one hand, it adds new blood to the industry, promotes the technological innovation of LED display industry, and on the other hand, it also brings some pressure to traditional LED display enterprises. In a word, the cross-border layout of LED display industry in large factories is both an opportunity and a challenge.

led screen market sales increase

led screen market sales increase

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