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Why MiniLED displays are the best replacement for MicroLED devices today

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Why MiniLED displays are the best replacement for MicroLED devices today
Latest company news about Why MiniLED displays are the best replacement for MicroLED devices today

Background If traditional LED technology is already "traditional" in the current rapid technological iteration, then MicroLED, like OLED, can realize the miniaturization and matrix technology of each pixel addressing and driving light emission (self-emission) separately, which represents a more future display technology. However, due to its own need for the miniaturization process technology of thin film, miniaturization and array of crystals, the cost is too high to be promoted on a large scale in the short term.

At present, only a few brands have launched commercial-grade equipment, most of which remain in the stage of technology investment and research and development, and still need to wait for the optimization of technology and cost from large-scale promotion. Currently, MiniLED is the best replacement for MicroLED: As a result, MiniLED technology, which uses LED crystals and supports zoned backlighting, is the best alternative to MicroLED at this stage. In addition, MiniLED technology has many advantages that traditional LED technology cannot achieve: the higher contrast ratio brought by zoned backlight is very important for the game field, and the higher contrast ratio can make the whole picture look more layered and rich in details; Higher peak brightness, HDR 1000 can make the plain picture show amazing visual impact, it can be said that whether viewing or production, high contrast and HDR 1000 can make LED technology "shame". At present, the cost of MicroLED is high, even if the display effect is better, it is hard to say "into tens of millions of homes"; MiniLED can achieve better contrast and brightness performance through zoned backlight, and the display effect is much better than LED screen. With the first two foundations, MiniLED is considered as the transition technology between traditional LED and Micro LED.

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