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High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption
  • High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption
  • High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption
  • High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption
  • High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption
  • High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption

High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption

Place of Origin China
Brand Name TBC LED
Certification FCC, CE, ROHS
Model Number P4
Product Details
Outdoor LED Advertising Display
Pixel Pitch:
Cabinet Size:
Front And Rear Service
LED Type:
High Brightness SMD
High Light: 

P4 Led Display Screen


SMD2727 P4 Led Display Screen


P4mm outdoor advertising screen

Product Description

High Definition P4 Led Display Screen For Advertising Low Power Consumption


Application Of Outdoor LED Advertising Display

The front turning screen has the characteristics of convenient installation, light weight, capability of being hung on a wall and capable of being hoisted against the wall. The whole display screen can be made thin, which is very suitable for display screen settings in some special places. The products are mainly used in information announcements, image advertisements, activity advertisements, etc. Its advantage is to save the trouble of removing the whole screen when there is no maintenance space on the back, and its disadvantage is that the connection part of the two boxes needs several times more power lines and flat cables than the ordinary box. And the information content on the display screen can be changed at any time to display different information and advertisements for different customers all day long. The high-efficiency optical fiber transmission system effectively reduces the signal delay caused by long transmission distance and ensures the consistency of picture playing. It is believed that with the increasing segmentation of the display market demand, the demand for front maintenance LED display (LED front flip screen) is also increasing.


Quick detail Of Outdoor LED Advertising Billboard


1, Pixel Pitch: 4mm, 5.33mm, 6.67mm
2, SMD1921 and SMD2727 LED, high brightness and durable for outdoor use
3, Greyscale: 16bits
4, Cabinet size: 960x960mm Steel Or Aluminum Cabinet
5, Recommended Viewing Distance: 6-16m.

6, Cabinet Material: Cold Rolled Steel Cabinet, 50kg per Panel

7, Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

8, Ingress Rate: IP65 Outdoor Standard Connectors

9, Quality Certificate:CE, RoHS,FCC, ETL

10, Brightness:>5500-6000cd/sqm

11, Curve Installation: Yes, Concave and Convex Available


Specification Of Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

Product Unit Parameters


Mode S6.67mm S5.33mm S4mm
LEDs 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED type SMD2727 SMD1921 SMD1921
Pixel pitch 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
Unit size W960×H960mm W960×H960mm W960×H960mm
Unit resolution 144×144 dots 180×180 dots 240×240 dots
Resolution 22,500dots/㎡ 35,156dots/㎡ 62,500dots/㎡
Brightness ≥5500nit ≥5500nit ≥5500nit
Weight 55KG/㎡ 55KG/㎡ 55KG/㎡
Max consumption 500W/㎡ 500W/㎡ 500W/㎡
Adv consumption 260W/㎡ 230W/㎡ 235W/㎡
Viewing angle H120°/V120° H120°/V120° H120°/V120°
Protection level IP65 IP65 IP65
Thickness 150mm 150mm 150mm
Install depth 200mm 200mm 200mm

Heat dissipation


Convective heat dissipation Convective heat dissipation Convective heat dissipation
Wind dissipaion Level 12 Level 12 Level 12
Power supply Power supply with PFC Power supply with PFC Power supply with PFC
Installation Fast install Fast install Fast install
Fire safety 10S/unit 10S/unit 10S/unit
Fire resistance Full VO grade Full VO grade Full VO grade
Service Front,Back Front,Back Front,Back
Control mode steady state steady state steady state
Color temperature 3200-9300K 3200-9300K 3200-9300K
Refresh rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Working temperature -40℃ to 70℃ -40℃ to 70℃ -40℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature -55℃ to 120℃ -55℃ to 120℃ -55℃ to 120℃
Life time ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours
Input voltage AC110-220V AC110-220V AC110-220V
Grey grade 16bit 16bit 16bit
Seismic capability 10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes

Description Of Front Service Outdoor LED Advertising Billboard

TBC LED front service outdoor led advertising billboards include P10mm, P8mm, P6.67mm. Features are:

1. The outdoor full-color surface sticker module is a new product professionally designed by our company according to the market demand. PCB circuit board and kit are independently developed with mold opening design, and the installation and maintenance of 250 * 250mm snap-in front are more convenient and faster.

2. PCB two-layer circuit design. The thickness of TG150KB sheet metal is 1.6MM, and the thickness of sheet metal and copper reaches the industry standard. The IC adopts Jichuang North ICND2038S high-brush dual-cache chip with RUC7258 line decoding chip, which effectively suppresses the phenomena of uplink ghost and downlink afterimage caused by internal short circuit and open circuit of LED light-emitting chip.


Feature Of Ultra Light Weight Outdoor LED Advertising Billboard

1. Comparison of box materials. Compared with iron, aluminum has the characteristics of light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance and better thermal conductivity. In humid environment, the aluminum module can form a layer of oxide film to prevent metal corrosion, effectively preventing further corrosion. As a new universal metal, aluminum module is widely used because of its light weight, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance. At room temperature, iron in dry air is not easy to react with oxygen, sulfur, chlorine and other non-metallic simple substances, if there are impurities in humid air, it is easy to rust; Rust occurs more quickly in humid air in the presence of solutions of acids, bases, or salts. Therefore, for the iron material, it needs some maintenance and the surrounding environment also needs some adaptation.

2. Module comparison 1). Conventional product installation and maintenance requires more screws, which is very time-consuming. The aluminum bottom shell is designed with a side lock and free of screws, which can be easily maintained in two steps. 2). Exposed components of conventional products; The aluminum bottom shell is fully enclosed and wrapped to protect the components. 3). Conventional plastic products have low thermal conductivity and release harmful substances at high temperatures – polyvinyl chloride, with a recovery rate of only 1%. The aluminum bottom shell has high heat conduction point, good heat dissipation performance, no release of harmful substances, and the recovery rate is as high as 85%.

outdoor led screen p4mm front service

outdoor led screen p4mm front service

outdoor led screen p4mm front service


Our Services


1. 10 Years professional led display manufacturer

2. Short delivery time: 5-15 working days, adjustable according to customer request
3. Wholesale price

4. OEM and ODM service
5. Customizable product upon request




Q1. How does the service work?

A: We have experienced Engineers who worked in the industry for 15 years and able to communicate with fluent English. They can remotely provide technical support via video conference or teamviewer or go to the site for the guidance.

Q2. What installation options do we have?

A: Wall mounting with metal structures.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for led screen order?

A: Low MOQ, modules or complete screen order are all welcome.

Q4. What's the shipping method?

A: Air freight, sea and train transport according to different region.

Q5. What's the payment method?

A: Mostly we accpet telegraphic transfer, 50% before production and 50% balance before shipment.

Q6. How do you control the production quality?

A: We manage quality starting from incoming material, all leds, ICs and PSU are pre-inspected then go to the production line.

The modules and complete screen will have at least 72 hours aging test, to make sure stable quality and performance.

Q7: How does warranty work?

A: We provide 1-3 years warranty for different product. Free Repair or Exchange of Defective Parts with One way Shipping



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