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8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness
  • 8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness
  • 8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness
  • 8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness
  • 8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness
  • 8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness

8000nits Outdoor LED Mesh Display P15.625 - 31.25mm High Brightness

Place of Origin China
Brand Name TBC LED
Certification FCC, CE, ROHS
Model Number P15.625-31.25mm
Product Details
Outdoor Advertising LED Mesh Display
Pixel Pitch:
Cabinet Size:
Front And Rear Service
LED Type:
High Brightness DIP
High Light: 

8000nits LED Mesh Display


Lightweight LED Mesh Display

Product Description

8000nits P15.625-31.25mm High Brightness Outdoor LED Mesh Display 3840 High Refresh Rate


Application Of Outdoor Advertising LED Mesh Billboard

1. Lightweight and transparent can solve the problem of limited installation Due to no air conditioning and saving steel structure, the LED grille screen reduces the load of the screen body on the curtain wall and the difficulty of installation and construction; it is ventilated without shading. It not only achieves good lighting of indoor space, but also achieves high contrast of front viewing.

2. Display and control separation structure to solve heat dissipation. Most of the failures of outdoor LED advertising screens are caused by heat dissipation. The LED grille screen abandons the sealed box, adopts the hollow design of the light bar, carries out the display and control separation and transparent design, increases the heat dissipation area, dissipates heat through natural ventilation, realizes good display operation, avoids additional use of heat dissipation equipment such as air conditioners, and saves costs.

3. Reduce operating costs Enhance business value In terms of manufacturing process and control technology, LED grid screen is very different from traditional advertising screen, and its production cost and total operation cost are much lower. Low energy consumption, efficient self-cooling design, no need for additional cooling equipment, more than 50% energy saving than outdoor LED advertising screen. In terms of maintenance, the modular design of the light bar can be disassembled and maintained separately, and the large screen will not be shut down for a long time due to maintenance.


Quick detail Of Outdoor Advertising LED Mesh

1, Pixel Pitch: 12.5mm, 15.625mm, 31.25mm
2, DIP346 LED, high brightness and durable for outdoor use
3, Greyscale: 16bits
4, Cabinet size: 500x1000mm Die Cast Aluminum
5, Recommended Viewing Distance: 10-16m.

6, Cabinet Material: Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet, 21kg Weight

7, Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

8, Ingress Rate: IP68 Outdoor Standard Connectors

9,Quality Certificate:CE, RoHS,FCC, ETL


11, Curve Installation: Yes, Concave and Convex Available


Specification Of Outdoor Advertising LED Mesh Screen

Product Unit Parameters


Mode EV12 EV15 EV31.25
LEDs 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED type DIP346 DIP346 DIP346
Pixel pitch 12.5mm 15.625-31.25mm 31.25-31.25mm
Unit size W500×H1000mm W500×H1000mm W500×H1000mm
Unit strip qty 10 pcs 16 pcs 8 pcs
Unit resolution 40×80 dots 16×64 dots 16×32 dots
Resolution 6400dots/㎡ 2048dots/㎡ 1024dots/㎡
Unit direction Vertical Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
Transparency rate 45% 75% 85%
Brightness ≥4500nit ≥7000nit ≥3500nit
Weight 22KG/㎡ 21KG/㎡ 19KG/㎡
Max consumption 480W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 280W/㎡
Adv consumption 160W/㎡ 130W/㎡ 125W/㎡
Viewing angle H120°/V120° H120°/V120° H120°/V120°
Protection level IP68 IP68 IP68
Tube structure 1 row, 4 columns. 1 row, 2 columns 1 row, 2 columns
Tube width 47mm 8.5mm 8.5mm
Thickness 110mm 110mm 110mm
Install depth 150mm 150mm 150mm

Heat dissipation


Convective heat dissipation Convective heat dissipation Convective heat dissipation
Wind dissipaion Level 12 Level 12 Level 12
Power supply Power supply with PFC Power supply with PFC Power supply with PFC
Installation Fast install Fast install Fast install
Fire safety 10S/unit 10S/unit 10S/unit
Fire resistance Full VO grade Full VO grade Full VO grade
Service Front,Back Front,Back Front,Back
Control mode steady state steady state steady state
Color temperature 3200-9300K 3200-9300K 3200-9300K
Refresh rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Working temperature -40℃ to 70℃ -40℃ to 70℃ -40℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature -55℃ to 120℃ -55℃ to 120℃ -55℃ to 120℃
Life time ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours
Input voltage AC110-220V AC110-220V AC110-220V
Grey grade 16bit 16bit 16bit
Seismic capability 10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes

Description Of Outdoor Advertising LED Mesh Billboard

TBC LED EV Series outdoor advertising LED Mesh billboard include P12mm, P15.625mm, P20mm. Features are:

1, Advanced LED strip design, easy installation and service

2, Strong Tail board design, ensures quick installation and smooth surface

3, IP68 weather design and advanced heat sink shell, reliable and secure for long term use

4, 7000-8500 nits high brightness, make your led billboard visible from anywhere

5, Waterproof and wind resistant, perfect choice for outdoor long term use


Feature Of Indoor Rental LED Video Wall

Thin and light case, fanless design, no noise, fast installation and maintenance, high heat dissipation.

LED Mesh screen is ultra-light and ultra-thin
The box is only 6.4Kg/㎡, which is 75% less than the weight of traditional outdoor LED screen.
Steel structure weighs only 5kg/㎡, 80% less than the weight of traditional outdoor LED display steel structure.

LED Mesh screen high light transmission rate
Effectively protect the building lighting, say goodbye to the "screen blocking", "screen without light" era.

Stable performance of LED Mesh screen
Adopt super thermal conductivity material, heat dissipation performance is improved by 80%. Overall potting process design, military grade IP65 full protection, extreme climate conditions -40℃~60℃ stable work.
Highly permeable windproof design, wind resistance level 12.

LED Mesh screen also save energy and environment
Save 70% on steel structure cost, 80% on labor cost, 75% on transportation and logistics cost, 80% on maintenance and operation cost, and 70% on electricity cost.

led mesh screen p15.625-31.25mm

led mesh screen p15.625-31.25mm

led mesh screen p15.625-31.25mm








Our Services


1. 10 Years professional led display manufacturer

2. Short delivery time: 5-15 working days, adjustable according to customer request
3. Wholesale price

4. OEM and ODM service
5. Customizable product upon request




Q1. How does the service work?

A: We have experienced Engineers who worked in the industry for 15 years and able to communicate with fluent English. They can remotely provide technical support via video conference or teamviewer or go to the site for the guidance.

Q2. What installation options do we have?

A: Wall mounting with metal structures.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for led screen order?

A: Low MOQ, modules or complete screen order are all welcome.

Q4. What's the shipping method?

A: Air freight, sea and train transport according to different region.

Q5. What's the payment method?

A: Mostly we accpet telegraphic transfer, 50% before production and 50% balance before shipment.

Q6. How do you control the production quality?

A: We manage quality starting from incoming material, all leds, ICs and PSU are pre-inspected then go to the production line.

The modules and complete screen will have at least 72 hours aging test, to make sure stable quality and performance.

Q7: How does warranty work?

A: We provide 1-3 years warranty for different product. Free Repair or Exchange of Defective Parts with One way Shipping

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